26 May 2011

Remember, the Terrorists Hate Us for Our Freedoms

The push for national socialism continues on I-70.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  the easiest way to improve quality of life is to cut the police budget and the public school budget by 50% in every jurisdiction.


Cathy D said...

Socialism? I think this entirely capitalist in motivation. The cities want all the revenue they can. This is why the Manchester police regularly stake out 141 between Manchester and Twin Oaks.

Rory said...

Hey Timman,

I used to be a libertarian...privatizing the cops and all? I don't know about cutting them by 50%. But public schools? Lets try a 100%. The only argument in favor of public school is that you don't trust parents to educate their own children. On the other hand, the same crowd who promotes government education wants these same derelict parents to have a vote!

As long as we are dreaming, lets put the whammy on universal suffrage! Men only. Men with jobs. Men living at home with their wife and child. I don't care. Men who pass a breathalizer test. Kill the female vote and you've wiped out the liberal agenda.

I am only 55. I am sick of hearing that "the kids are our future." I was supposed to have been sombody else's future too. Its nonsense. I wasn't anybody's future and nobody else is mine. If these little kids were somehow "my future", I'd still vote no, no, no, no, and no. Not for my sake, but for their sake.

My Dad was on the local school board, and his dad before him prior to my Dad's late conversion to the Catholic faith. Around 40 years of school bonds and special levies. He told me the time tested strategy of school district fund raising. You always ask for two things. One that you KNOW you won't get because it is demonstrably crazy, and another that people will vote for more readily if they can tell themselves they already voted no on one thing. I doubt if it is very original. You watch, I'll bet its a pretty universal practice to manipulate the voters.

Oh man Tim. I wrote all that before I saw it was about speed cameras! heh. I don't care much about that. Heheh. If you'd take away the female vote, we could set the speed where we want anyway!



thetimman said...

Rory, utterly misogynistic nonsense! There, now I'm covered at home.

I am not in favor of women's suffrage, but then again I am not in favor of men's suffrage, either. I'm a monarchist.

How that translates to the U.S., well, that's tricky.

And I do believe that children are our future. And that ought to make us a little nervous.

Anonymous said...

The speed cameras are miniscule in comparison with all those hidden cameras hovering over most every major intersection around the country. [Count the numbers on your way to work in the morning.]

I presume the reason there was no huge outcry about having the socialistic, Big Brother intruding into everyone's lives is simply this - these cameras went up under George Bush's tenure. Had they gone up under Obama's, there'd be open rebellion.

Just another one of those things that show the relativism of many sites like this: if the right side does something, it's patriotic. If the other side does the same thing, it's communism/ socialism/ devil-worshipping/ evil/ etc.

Anonymous said...


Govt finding ways of increasing its revenue is not capitalism, though it is to the inventors of these cameras who'll make money off these plans. I don't know that govt taxation is inherently socialism--using tax revenue to redistribute wealth and hand out services would be more like socialism...

dulac90 said...

Police chiefs in the "Travel Safe Zone" have insisted that their primary objective is safety and cracking down on dangerous driving.

"If I could figure out a way to get people to change their behavior without fines, I would be all for that," Schrader said in an interview.

In a goodwill effort to help the St. Ann chief prove it is not about the money, I can recommend a certain steeple that could benefit from his conflict of interests.

thetimman said...

Anon, right. I loooooooove Bush. Read here often? I assume you are daily protesting about the troops not coming home and that Guantanimo is still open, yes?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this one brought the locos out eh? Granted, i don't live in St. Ann, but I'm sure that it would have been news if George Bush had been elected mayor. You see, Anon 17:50, we live in a federalist system of government, which involves (ideally a weak, limited) federal governmen, state governments, and all manner of local governments, each of which has certain powers to legislate and enforce laws.

Also, Timman, socialism? I would have said fascism. Of course, maybe you were being sly in your reference to "national socialism", i.e. the Nazi party, which, while it was socialist, was more accurately described as fascist.

I'm not touching the whole universal suffrage vs. monarchism debate. I generally defer to Sid Meier on such matters, where sometimes despotism is actually the best choice.

Proud SLPS Parent

Anonymous said...

Proud SLPS Parent,
Actually, the biggest loco is the guy who thinks that a tiny municipality, trying to stay afloat and slow down traffic by putting up a camera to catch speeders is somehow tied in with national socialism.

And then to somehow make a link between that and "improving" the quality of life by cutting out police and public schools.

Oh, and then to wrap it all up under the banner about Terrorists.

Wow. You know, there is medication for paranoia!

Latinmassgirl said...

We need police protection, unless you want to have North St. Louis' record homicide rates spread into the rest of St. Louis and beyond. The Federal overnments main job is to protect our country and local government must protect us from criminals.

Scraping the Education Department would help tremendously. The ever expanding social programs and pork need to be eliminated or greatly reduced and taxes cut on everybody, including the top payers who are the big spenders and our employers.

Since Vatican II, the Catholic church has greatly misconstrued "Social Justice" "The Bishops have lost sight of the two traditional Catholic teachings from Pope Pius XI's, 1931, encyclical, Quadregesimo Anno., social charity in subsidiarity. Both teachings decry the socialistic trend prevalent in the American move for bigger government." (Mindszenty Report, April 2011)