04 May 2011

Some Questions I Have

What is with the current zeitgeist to bludgeon children over the head with anti-"bullying" propaganda at the government prisons schools?  Is the pro-sodomy campaign yesterday's news?

Did anybody else see The King's Speech, and then every time when Winston Churchill appeared on screen, say in a loud whisper, "What a monster!"?

Was that insta-crowd outside Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday night the phoniest popular front since the Wisconsin Union thugs took over the state house?

How do you you like your Peeps in Eastertide-- intentionally stale, goo-ily fresh, or frozen?

What is the going rate for teeth given by the Tooth Fairy in your house? 

Is playing basketball in a skirt really that comfortable, ladies?  And is it strictly necessary?

Whoppers-- yes or no?

Why are there so many English variations of the St. Michael prayer?

What's the current pool on the next country the U.S. will invade?  Can we just stop for a while?

What is the noblest profession or vocation-- after lawyer?

Is there something in dry cleaning chemicals that attracts children's sticky hands and faces like a magnet?

Is it just me, or does Dave Murray really, really love the weather?


Anonymous said...

1. Sodomy is yesterday's news. However, bullying has risen because school's are so "tolerant" of every child's indiscretions, and because of a culture where parents are too busy for their children. Schools are (1) afraid of parents and/or (2) so in tune with parents' indifference, that this has become a problem. Ultimately, this is a big problem that needs to be dealt with, but for the national media, it is just a fleeting news story that will pass the way bed bugs, shark attacks, etc. have.

2. King's Speech = classic. And Churchill is terribly misrepresented.

3. Yes. Everything in D.C. is phony. However, it was still pretty neat.

4. Is "in the trash can" an option?

5. A few years away from that still.

6. N/A

7. No. Does anyone like them?

8. Poor translations.

9. Syria. Can't stop now, we are, to quote Charlie Sheen, "WINNING!"

10. Not sure there is anything better, but I guess since my wife's an M.D., I'll have to go with doctor.

11. Must be.

12. A little too much, if you ask me. But its not just him, its all STL weathercasters.

- YoungCatholicSTL

Anonymous said...

1A. Snark aside, anti-bullying is (a) easy, (b) noncontroversial (really, who would admit to being pro-bullying), and (c) therefore an easy way to get federal funds that are tied to such drivel. I would advise it being included in all home school curricula; you could probably receive federal funds.

1B. Pro-sodomy campaign? Never heard of it.

2. Haven't seen it yet.

3. What is the lefty version of astroturf?

4. Frozen.

5. $5

6. I do not qualify to answer this question.

7. Pro-Whoppers (the malted milk ball version). I am agnostic on the Burger King version.

8. There is a vast conspiracy afoot. /timman'd

9. Pakistan. Unless timman becomes President, then it would be Britain, in a crusade to liberate Westmibnster Abbey from T-Mobile, or something.

10. Wait, did you ask about the noblest profession or oldest profession?

11. Non-iron shirts have come a long way. They receive my hardy thumbs up, and this coming from a huge fan of heavily starched shirts.

12. Weathermen on local news are proof that 75% of viewers are > 75 years old.

In charity and with tongue-in-cheek,

Proud SLPS Parent

Jack Smith said...

There is nothing after lawyer :-)

thetimman said...

Proud SLPS Parent,

You are right on about Westminster Abbey. I want it back.

doughboy said...

i know you're doing your funny stream of consciousness thing, but bullying is not cool; especially if you consider that one of the causes of same-sex attraction is likely the inability of the child to connect with / gain acceptance from their same-sex peers. it's not just about the absence (physical or emotional) of the same-gendered parent. there's also the peer-to-peer consideration, which is VERY strong.

Mother Crab said...

It obviously helped us to win.

Anonymous said...

My 2c:

1. If the schools would just teach the 10 commandments, it would take care of things. Cath schools obsess about bullying too. And bullying, for better or worse is a part of life.
2. Not seen yet. On the list.
3. I am waiting from Twitters/emails originating from Organizing for America. Note how O waited at least an hour to speak.
4. Itentionally stale. Yummm.
5. $1. I guess we're cheap. No complaints, however.
6. Catholic uniform skirt (not below knee) w/shorts isn't so bad.
7.Malted milk balls, Yes. As for BK, Whopper Jr, Yes.
8. B/c every one is unique and needs their own translation.
9. Sudan. Iran is too scary. Sure, please stop.
10. Congressmember? Journalist? Janitor?
11. Don't know. I second the no-iron shirt approval above. Even for women's...but, Casual Corner no longer exists sadly.
12. Yes, indeed. And Allman & Glubber let him go on.

TMW said...

On #5: my children were told that the Tooth Fairy retired and has been replaced by some guy named "Gary" (as in the "Tooth Gary"). And he's not too reliable at our house ...

Anonymous said...

@ The Timman @ 13:12:

You and my wife, pal, you and my wife. She refused to pay the admission "fee" on a trip there a few years ago, claiming that it was stolen property and she had a right to be there, no doubt on some sort of natural law theory. Or maybe she just jumped the turnstile and didn't tell anyone. In either event, I applaud her efforts.

Proud SLPS Parent

Sharon said...

Regarding your last question, I think you should just be happy for Mr. Murray since he obviously found a job that he finds so fulfilling!


Cathy D said...

The numbering system used by some is too complex for me.

Peeps: dunked in chocolate or lightly toasted over an open fire and then cooled to form a sugar shell.

Tooth fairy: $1 in our house. We have one kid in Catholic high school.We're usually scraping together loose change to come up with that dollar!

Basketball: I kid my 14yr old that that's what the boys are wearing, those extra long baggy shorts. Actually I call them pantaloons. He hates it. I love the reaction.

Whoppers: Either kind--yes!!!!

St. Michaels' prayer: Why, indeed??

Noblest profession: Mom, of course!

Dave Murray: Yes, as do all those other weather people. They're a totally different kind of person.

Anonymous said...

Timman's new blog site - take your pick:
* Bullying is a totally acceptable thing.
* Bullying is the American way - just look at what we do around the world to keep the oil flowing here!
* Bullying builds character (well, except for those who survive and who don't end up committing suicide.)
* Because I grew up in an environment where bullying existed, everyone should.
* Jesus was bullied, so we should be grateful when we too are bullied.


NoUN said...

1. Punch the bully and give him a bloody nose. Then his parents should cane him. # lashes the 1st time, multiples thereaftwer until the habit is broken.
2. SO absorbed by the lead characters that I ignored Churchill, merchant of Poland.
3. I wonder how many tweets went out inviting the braindead to praise the Obamanation?
4. Peeps, anyway but frozen.
5. We keep ours in a container with Efferdent over night, the tooth fairy no longer visits.
6. I don't know if it is necessary but it sure looks funny.
7. Whoppers --YES!
8. Let's see. We already have boots on the ground in Libya - so I'd guess it will be Isreal. Those pesky Jews irrate Pres. Obamantion. Can't stop or the public will go back to thinking about the economy.
9. Lawyers Rule; the rest don't count except for doctors if you're really sick.
10. Yes, recently cleaned items smell clean - an anathphema to the little germ carriers.
11. Dave Murray really loves the weather and he doesn't bezerk like those on NBC and CBS when a drop of rain is predicted. He has the mature approach.

StGuyFawkes said...


It's true enough that bullying has always been part of life. However, it may be that "bullying" isn't "bullying" anymore. I think we've long moved away from Tom Sawyer scrapeing up "the perfect boy" in an idyllic Hannibal. Moreover, we're pretty far from the bloody noses and black eyes I both received and enjoyed giving forty years ago.

The internet, cell phones, and landlines which allow callers to block their numbers allow harrassment to go on 24/7. Moreover, the disintegration of the family and every other civilized institution has permitted kids to turn both the playground and cyber space into the last several chapters of "Lord of the Flies."

An example:

One of the most prominent features of area high schools are the "fight clubs" in which meaty jocks lure low-esteem kids into a circle and force them to fight each other like little pit bulls.

I agree that federal money probably won't do a damned thing. And I agree that anti-bullying campaigns are part of the general pattern to expand the federal government with a new program to address every new problem as soon as it gets a name.

But there is something red in tooth and claw which is running around in kid culture today and it's all just a little bit more dangerous than it used to be.

My 2c worth.

Yours Truly,

St. Guy