03 May 2011

Write it Down: The Only Time the Blog Will Link to a Salon.com Article

I offer this link as a thought-provoker.  Make of it what you will.

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Jim Cole said...

Timman, you are right to link to Mr. Greenwald's article. Assuming without deciding (as judges sometimes write) that it was a military necessity to kill Osama bin Laden, the killing of another human being is still not a reason for celebration. We must regret the need to kill and commend the deceased to a merciful God--and then beg mercy for ourselves.

"Those primitive, bloodthirsty Muslim fanatics sure do love to glorify death and violence," wrote Mr. Greenwald. All the killings we have absorbed from television and movies, from "24" to the old Westerns, seem to have made us Americans pretty savage in our time. In the late 40's, Ray Bradbury foretold this in "Fahrenheit 451." How did he know? God help us and our country.

Jim Cole