08 June 2011

Do You Owe Student Loans? Look for a Department of Education SWAT Team to Kick In Your Door

They hate us for our freedoms,  part 235:

The federal Department of Education (yes, the DoE) apparently has the power to order gangs of militarized SWAT teams to break down your door, enter your house, physically mistreat you, detain you for hours--all in front of your children-- while they look for your wife who owes student loan debt.  Who owes the debt?  Who is alleged to have done anything wrong?  NOT YOU, YOUR WIFE.

Enjoy the ride!

Is this the socialization the institutional schools promise?


Geremia said...

Something similar happened in Tucson recently, too.

Geremia said...

Also, you mean "state schools," not "institutional schools," right? Homeschooling is the ideal, though.

Michael said...

Welcome to America. Fortunately I live in Europe and pay $700 a year for my tuition with some of the best education in the world. Yes, maybe I need to work on the virtue of humility, but I am proud to be a masters student with no loans and no debt and I never have and never will have any!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but Michael, not sure about your country, but much of Europe is straining greatly to continue to fund such freebies. Will you strike if fees increase? I had no loans or debt for grad school as well. I worked on campus.

dulac90 said...


Not to be uncharitable, but I am afraid you have been duped if you think your $700 tuition isn't costing you and your countrymen a lot more than that. What was the average tuition in Greece, Portugal, and Ireland?

Anonymous said...

Michael, you mean you live in a country that actually values children and their futures? That values education enough to actually pay for it? That values human life enough to offer medical care?
That's terrible - acc. to this blog-site. You should live here where only the rich get to share in life's joy, where the middle class will be burdened for a lifetime paying back student loans and health insurance, and where society doesn't value the life of any poor child once he/she is outside the womb.

So interesting that the post-ers above immediately jump to the cost of things when most middle class kids are coming out of college with $75,000 in debt, and will be paying $15,000 on average per year for health care for the rest of their life.

Welcome to America, where we firmly believe each and every person has to fight for themselves, versus Europe where you actually care for your fellow human beings.

thetimman said...

"acc to this blog site"

Have I said anything about any of that in this post or combox?