15 June 2011

Feedback from Home

A couple of quick hits from the homefront:

My lovely wife Sharon called me to tell that, in addition to crushing the dreams of the homeless in St. Louis, I have also apparently ruined prospects for a quick recovery in tornado-ravaged Joplin.  The news heads on the morning show were able to add some additional reporting to their story on Hootergate-- the manager told them that some of that money would have been sent to the tornado victims in Joplin!

My response to the Hooters manager:  No one's stopping you-- send it anyway.

And now the Fox affiliate in Boston has chimed in.

And earlier, as I sat at the breakfast counter eating oatmeal, my two-year old daughter sat next to me and asked, "Daddy, can I see if that's barf?"

Have a great day, everyone!


doughboy said...

At least you're consistent ;)

MrsC said...

Thanks to your daughter for the biggest laugh of my day.