26 June 2011

Humility and Pride

Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls.

Matthew 11:29

Today we celebrated the External Solemnity of the Feast of Corpus Christi, and in many places around the Archdiocese the faithful traveled in the company of Our Eucharistic Lord as He blessed our streets and neighborhoods.  This parade of the faithful, directed entirely toward the honor and glory of God, entreating Him for benediction, is one of the most beautiful expressions of Catholic piety.
Recent First Communicants await the procession

Vexilla Regis

Turning the corner; Air Force honor guard with Our Lord

Jesus is humble.  His humility in coming to us in the form of bread is breathtaking.  Every day, in every Catholic Church, He waits in the tabernacle, entirely present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  He stoops from Heaven to fulfill His promise that he would never leave us orphans.
Outside altar


From the beginning, Our Lord foretold this mysterious presence.  He was born in Bethlehem, which means "house of bread".  He assured His followers that if we did not eat His flesh and drink His blood, we would have no life in us.  And on Holy Thursday He instituted the Eucharist, the sacrifice He would ultimately consummate on Good Friday.  Before He underwent His passion, He left us the sacrament and the priesthood capable of perpetuating it.

His humility saves us, and is our example.


But there was another set of parades around the country yesterday.  These were the diabolical opposite of the Corpus Christi processions.  Instead of life-giving humility, we saw the sad celebration of sterile, death-dealing pride.

Like all expressions of pride, these parades are defiant, self-loving and self-loathing.  In contrast to Our Lord's loving humility, a humility that led Him to even offer Himself so that others could live, we saw the pride of those that would force all others to bend--or break-- so that they might do exactly as they please.  Everything must yield to a perverse expression of lust that is desperate to pass as love.

Our Lord took on human nature to save us.  They deny human nature to our ruin.


In the end, Our Lord will triumph.  The parade of humility is more powerful than the parade of pride.  But the means of this triumph leads to the cross.  Just as Christ reigns from the cross, so we must follow.  And year after year, as we see the forces of evil grow more bold, we cannot doubt that the day is nearer.

Yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God.  And these things will they do to you; because they have not known the Father, nor me.  But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them.

John 16:2


Andy said...

Was the crowd a little smaller this year than in years past, or was it just the camera shot? It seemed from the pictures like it may have been a little light?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!!! Each year I am infuriated at the shamefest displays around the country. Your reflection has brought at least one person peace.

thetimman said...

Andy, I don't think so, but my camera skills aren't very good. I guess some may have hit the procession at the eucharistic congress with the Abp and Cdl, as it was in the morning this year instead of 5 pm.

Thanks, anon.

Anonymous said...

The procession at the Cathedral was at 5.00 pm. I don't think there was a procession after Cardinal Burke's Mass at 10.00.

The Riopel Family said...

I have never seen such a thing as this in person. HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing. Makes me happy and envious at the same time :( :)

MrsC said...

Beautiful Institute blue! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Anonymous said...

what was the priests name the celebrated mass?

StGuyFawkes said...

The architect of the New York State "gay-riage" bill was faux-Catholic Andrew Cuomo who has recently been scolded by Archbishop Dolan for his "public concubinage." The inevitable question is whether his Excellancy will go forward and excommunicate the Governor. Much as I like the Archbishop I won't hold my breath.

doughboy said...

i forwarded this link to a sister of mine, a therapist who is trying to counsel gay teens. she has lost the faith. on her referral list is the group "Dignity." she claims that the "Courage" apostolate is also on her list, but i seriously doubt she has any interest in sending troubled youth to the Church for healing. instead, she wants to help them achieve 'wholeness.' i call it
'holeness,' having been there/done that. i'm not on FB but i understand that my sister posted on her FB page that she was at pridefest to let the gay community know she was there for counseling. please pray for my sister. i'm so scared for her.

Meg said...

The church was packed, to say the least, with folks coming from all over the state (and country, too!) to witness yesterday's feast at the Oratory. In fact, a group of non-Catholics even came to see what it was all about...

Unfortunately, the pictures don't do the crowd justice (nothing personal, Timman!). I noticed that the crowd this year, instead of filing back in procession-like style, decided to "hover" close and took up the entire road, width wise. Perhaps this is why the procession doesn't look as long?

thetimman said...

The priest is a Diocesan priest from Bridgeport, CT-- affiliated with the Institute, and a friend of Canon Huberfeld's. Though I was introduced after Mass, I didn't quite catch his last name and was too embarrassed to ask again. Perhaps Canon Huberfeld, if he reads this, can supply it?

Anonymous said...

America is divided over the issue of civil unions, with the older crowd being far more against it while the younger generation far more open to it. But those that are open to it across all generations cite one major factor in this: whether or not they personally know someone who is gay.

Doughboy, I applaud your sister for working with this group of people. Gay people usually say they know they are different early on in life, but try and suppress it. They live a tortuous life, being told that they have a disease, they're sick, demented, evil, disoriented, and they continue to make bad "choices." (As if any of us wake up each and every day and decide which orientation we will be for that day...)

They often feel alienated, and many suffer at being ridiculed, berated, abandoned, shamed, mocked, scorned, and at times beaten. Some in the church say they are going to hell because they are sinners and not worthy of God's love. They sometimes are taunted that it would have been better off that they had never been born. You get the point.

And the point is that individuals in this group need someone to embrace them for who they are in life, not smack them around further. They need God's love and mercy, not our condemnation (from their perspective, they feel condemned already by the church in which they were raised, and very vocal and highly judgmental people who haven't a clue what it would be like to live one day in their shoes.)

Not sure what your fears are for your sister? Symbolically, she might be the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta working with the gay community which has been thrown into the gutters of American life and left for dead by a condemning culture.

So sad that the Timman needed to contrast the beautiful and solemn Corpus Christi procession with Pridefest's parade, but readers have come to realize he always needs to make things black and white, with his side being the 'right' one.

thetimman said...

So true, anonymous, it's all about me. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

WOnderful photos and procession! The contrast of 'parades' taking place yesterday occurred to me as well. Having 'pride' in an empty life of sin is very sad and dangerous. I pray for the souls of the actively gay and those who believe their acceptance of this lifestyle is really helping them.

Father G said...

The celebrant of the mass was Fr. La Pastina...

Jane Chantal said...

Anonymous at 14:44:

You see a situation in which society is relentlessly hostile toward gay people. I see a situation in which, because of the increasing de-stigmatization of sodomy in our society -- to the point where we now see labeled as “hate speech” the expression of any negative opinions about it -- young people and adults of both sexes are frightened to be honest about the natural revulsion they feel toward this misuse of their bodies. In such an environment, Satan thrives and untold instances of sexual brutality occur.

(If you take issue with my saying “misuse of their bodies”: I suppose you could try to make a case for sodomy being wholesome, but most of us – and I include my homosexual brothers and sisters in that “us” -- have a built-in “disgust factor” that tells us otherwise. It has to do with Natural Law -- and explains, far more than any cultural bias, the torment that so many gay people live in.)


I appreciate your strong witness. Thank you for caring enough about your sister to pray that she will be a good counselor to those who seek her help. I think that it would be very unloving of anyone to tell another soul that he or she should not – or cannot -- embrace the freedom that comes with chastity.

Anonymous said...

to anon 14:44
i appreciate your comments about how gay persons feel and are treated, especially at the hands of so-called christians. perhaps you didn't catch it when i said 'been there, done that.' because, you see, i am one of those persons. for many years, not understanding why i was so different from the other boys. finally "getting it" in college and then acting out in very unhealthy ways. trying to be a respectable person, even serving as an officer in the military under don't ask/don't tell and afraid for my life.
i've been called names, had bricks hurled at me, been spat upon. told by family they didn't want me around their children. constantly being sent literature i deemed "hate speech," as none of it reflected what i knew to be the gift of gay.
i left the military to be out and proud, certain i'd be happier if i embraced my true self. "God don't make no junk," right? how could gay be wrong. from as far back as i could recall, i was different. born that way. and i was not going to let anyone else tell me what i knew was the truth of my life.
i met wonderful and loving men and women in the gay world. these people weren't haters. and i marched. i marched in new york. i marched in washington, d.c. where i lived. then moved home and i marched in st. louis. down grand avenue, more than once, and with the gay veterans. i even marched with the gay vets in the st. louis veterans day parade, and endured being spat upon there, too.
i know what it is to be hated. and i kept searching for my love. that one man who would make everything thing ok. i clubbed, partied, brunched, partied some more and ran with the beautiful people. i even started using drugs, and that's when things started unraveling. but actually the worst thing to happen to me - drug use - became the avenue God used to speak to me and bring me back. when i finally hit rock bottom, addicted to crystal meth and longing to die, i called out a prayer to God for salvation. if HE existed, and loved me, then the drug scene and ugliness of the gay world (and believe me, there's a lot of ugliness there masquerading as love and fabulousness) could not be what He wanted for me. and i prayed to GOd that if He would rescue me from the pit of destruction i found myself in, i'd do what i could to turn my life over to Him. six months later, i was drug-free and i walked out of the gay world.
i returned to the Church. and 1 verse from proverbs hit me in the heart like nothing before: "sometimes a way seems right to a man, but the end of it leads to death."
and that was it. just because what i FELT was true, did not MAKE it so. my feelings were not above the Truth of what the Church teaches about the gay lifestyle and gay condition. and oddly enough, within the Courage Apostolate, i found what it means to be loved truly, authentically, for who i am: a CHILD OF GOD. and to finally learn through prayer, spiritual direction, and counseling, that i was not born that way. gay is not a condition of my nature. and to find that out, to be GIVEN that GIFT of UNDERSTANDING was truly liberating.
i believe my sister's heart is in the right place. but what does Scripture say about those who misguide the children of God?

Anonymous said...

sorry for the very long post, timman; i did not mean to hijack the combox. but just because i support chastity, does not mean i do not understand what the gay pridefest is about. oh boy you bet i do. honey, i've been to hell & back. and you can dress gay pride up in a big up-do and 5-inch platform peeptoe pumps. no amount of maybelline & aquanet's gonna cover up that trainwreck. as my momma always says, you can't polish a terd.
not until i gave the Church the benefit of the doubt (how big of me) in being right in what it has to say about homosexuality, was i given the gift of understanding. and i understood then that even though i thought i was following the truth, i really was not. God delivered me up to my lusts. i rejected Him. and had to suffer the consequences. but He never left me alone. He rescued me.
the Church is where we belong. all people of good will need to love our brothers & sisters living with homosexuality, but not because of their struggle; rather, with their struggle and out of their emptiness. in the end, we are all searching to fill that GOd-shaped hole.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the timman, the "stud-man", to bash homosexuals on the Feast of Corpus Christi. His life is totally perfect and happy. One hopes that his children will all be flawless, hetero members of society. God help them if they are not.

thetimman said...


Christian Guy said...

Dear Anonymous who is "different",

It is so good that you have embraced the truth in God. You must realize that it is just as sinful for a heterosexual person to have sex out of marriage. Single people struggle with staying pure. All single people, not just priests and nuns must lead a chaste life. Married people must be chaste and true in their marriage. So, the struggles you are facing to stay pure are similar to that of heterosexual men. If you look at it that way, you really aren't that different than other guys.

StGuyFawkes said...

To: Jeron and Anon 7:21 and Doughboy,

Brothers and comrades in Christ: Thank you for your witness. The holiness and guts of Catholics like you humbles me. Pride may be a sin but sin I must, you guys make me proud to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Please keep posting.

St. Guy

Anonymous said...

Dear Been There, Done That,

Thank you for sharing your personal life's history...a very powerful testimony to the truth. I do not pretend to know all that you have suffered but you are not alone--poor decisions and choices are not exclusive to same sex attractions. My story only differs to yours in the particulars BUT hitting rock bottom (even in the midst of having a great husband and children), realizing that you have always had an enormous hole in your heart, asking for God's help and then happily rediscovering the truth of the Catholic Faith and truly experiencing God's warm embrace are very familiar experiences to me.

For those who are experiencing that 'rock bottom' point, ask for God's assistance (He doesn't come into your life uninvited) and be patient with yourself while the Great Physician brings healing to your life:

I will go unto the altar of God.
To God, Who brings joy to my youth.

doughboy said...

To Anon June 29th 10:47, St. Guy, and Christian Guy: I'm the same person as Jeron, "different" and Doughboy and very much appreciate your support. It's tremendously comforting to know that my brothers & sisters in Christ who do not have SSA (same-sex attraction) are no less burdened in their own struggles, and is a very good reminder that those of us with SSA are not so exceptional (another characteristic of the gay world: narcissism). But I especially appreciate Christian Guy's saying that, really, SSA'ers are really not that different from heterosexual men. THANK YOU. Because usually, guys with SSA feel SO isolated and different from our hetero peers, it feeds the sense of worthlessness which is worse than the chastity struggle. I give thanks to God for all of you and hold you up in prayer.