03 June 2011

President of the USCCB Weighs in on House Budget Debate

I don't know what to make of this article exactly, but I thought this was as much of an expressed opinion about one party's budget position as I have seen from the USCCB.  Of course, the conference has long supported one side's stated position that murdering babies isn't a good thing, and has long supported the other side's stated position that everyone should receive a solid gold house and a rocket car at taxpayer expense.  OK, I kid because I love! 

But seriously, this seems to be more about the pure fiscal logistics of the thing, and thought readers might find it interesting.


Anonymous said...

I had read that Ryan and Abp. Dolan were communicating. Dolan was Ryan's bishop in WI. I take this communication and Dolan's/USCCB's view on the budget as, at a minimum, a public indicator that the USCCB and American Catholics are no longer tied to the Dem party as had been in the past. This is a good public move to distance the USCCB/Catholic "leadership" in the US from its historical and really outdated allegience to the Dem party.

dmw said...

This requires a quote The Simpsons:

CROWD: "Boo!"

AIBD: "Okay, Abortions for none!"
CROWD: "Boo!"

AIBD: "Alright, abortions for some; miniature American flags for others!"
CROWD: "Yay!"

Dad29 said...

I think Paul Ryan's home is Janesville, meaning he's a member of the Madison Diocese.

But regardless, he certainly has had dealings with Abp. Dolan in Wisconsin.

What you see is exactly what Peggy surmises; Dolan knows that the USCC's staffers have continually distorted Catholic teaching to further (D) Party hegemony, and on the flip side, that Paul Ryan's plan is morally neutral.

That is to say, a US bankruptcy is NOT a 'preferential option,' whether for the poor or anyone else.