19 July 2011


Working on something for the blog that is just stupefying.

The more I research, the further the rabbit hole goes.

Stay tuned.


BB said...

Do you spend this much time on your "real" job? ;-)

Sir Bob said...

Molina v. Bannez

StGuyFawkes said...

Please tell me it has nothing to do with:

1.) The influence of the ideas of Freemasonry on Vatican II, the U.S. Constitution, or

2.) The influence of black magick and wicca on the Novus Ordo Mass, or

3.) Abraham Lincoln's relation to German Idealism, or

4.) anything to do with the Eads Bridge.

As Sgt. Phil used to say at the end of every roll call on "Hill Street Blues":

"Hey, let's be safe out there."

Anonymous said...

Timman, if Tony Rasmus and Tony LaRussa can't figure out Colby Rasmus, you have no chance.