15 November 2011

Awesome. What Next?

It is heartening to see so many Catholic high schools take action to increase awareness of diversity in our Catholic schools.  No doubt such an effort could be duplicated to increase awareness of the Catholic faith in our Catholic schools, too.

When that happens, look for an announcement in this space.

One of the students in the article was quoted as saying, "I'm looking forward to finding out who I am, as well as experiencing the journey to discovering it."

Hopefully, such a Catholic awareness night will let her know that she is Catholic.  Maybe a representative from the Catholic Church could be found to speak at this event.  Stay tuned.


Jane Chantal said...

The Saints of the Catholic Church are about as diverse a group as can be imagined, and their lives changed the world. For the sort of inspiration the students claim to be interested in, and that the adult facilitators of this project claim to want to bring to the students, I can imagine no richer or more compelling source of material.

Have the various diversity committees at these schools considered releasing the Saints from the politically correct academic ghetto to which they've been consigned, so that the students' eyes, hearts and minds might be opened to their example?

Of course, in the hostile environment in which our Faith, and our schools, currently are struggling, this would require vision, courage, and boldness.

Peggy IL said...


I have my PSR students look up and tell us about their Patron saint for PSR class closest to Halloween and All Saints day. We take most of Nov to go through the kids' responses (so we can do our lesson too each week). Some struggle b/c their names are not akin to saints' names, sadly. So, we talk about a favorite saint in those cases...

Your idea is great!

Jane Chantal said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing for these students. The seeds that you are planting could produce a bountiful harvest one day :-) That includes even one child finding, in one of the Saints, a steadfast friend and companion on the road to holiness.

I hope that others are following your example.