09 November 2011

Please Consider

Because as humans we are physical beings as well as spiritual ones, it is sometimes necessary to address the less glamorous necessities of life.

Anyone who has assisted at Mass knows the glories of the liturgy at St. Francis de Sales.  And anyone who enjoyed coffee and donuts afterwards knows the purgatory of the bathrooms in the hall.

Well, the bathrooms are now both fixed, renovated, and pleasant and sanitary to use.  And though the work was done at no labor cost, the materials cost was substantial.  The plumbing needed extensive and expensive repairs.

Therefore, though I don't ask for money on this site, I will bend the rule for a very good cause and encourage you to read this article from the Tradition for Tomorrow site.  And I would encourage you to consider helping to defray those needed costs, especially if you frequent the parish hall.  There is a donate tab at that site, or I am sure the rectory could help you at 314-771-3100.  Thanks.


StGuyFawkes said...

This shows the failure of traditionalist thinking. Had SFDS kept the bathrooms as they were I'm sure a plenary indulgence might have been attached to their use "under the ordinary conditions."

thetimman said...


Anonymous said...

JJR said it best to me, "So the bathrooms are no longer post-apocalyptic?"

(Or something like that)