10 November 2011

The Roman Rite, Old and New VII

The new installment is up at Rorate Caeli.


Anonymous said...

I have 2 latin/english missals. One is published by Sheed & Ward, 1953 (1st published 1949) Claims to be the "newly translated by the editors," Rev. J O'Connell, H. finberg and Mgr R. Knox. It has separate order of the mass for low and high mass.

The other is the St. Andrew Missal 1943. It does not have separate orders of the mass.

There are others also.

Which missal do you prefer and why?


thetimman said...

I greatly prefer the Roman Catholic Daily Missal by Angelus Press. It is newly typeset and not merely photocopied, is the easiest to read and has helpful devotions, catechetics, vespers and compline for sundays, and other useful stuff. Hopefully you can still get one of the leather bound ones-- I heard they may not make those anymore, which if true is a crime. If you can't get a leather one, the next best is the similar-but-not-identical Baronius Press version.

Both of those are imperfect, as they do not have the second Confiteor (which most TLMs out there still pray); you just have to get used to where it goes, which isn't tough. Moreover, they both have the lamentable post-1955 "restored" (read: mangled) Holy Week liturgies. You'll know the Church has turned the corner for good when the traditional Holy Week is actually restored. So, for Holy Week it pays to have a St. Andrews or Fr. Lasance missal on hand, just to see what we've lost. I have experienced the pre-1955 Holy Week more than once and I pray that the FSSP, ICRSP, and SSPX will lead the way in reclaiming the immemorial custom.

Anonymous said...

What is the publication date of the Roman Daily Missal?