11 November 2011

When Bureaucracy Trumps the Natural Moral Law

Following the brave example of the English Bishops (save one) under Henry VIII, who kept their jobs by caving in to state perversion of the laws of marriage, the so-called "Catholic" Social Services of Southern Illinois has parted ways with the Belleville Diocese in order to continue operation without objecting to the Illinois same-sex adoption laws.

They have decided to drop the word "Catholic" from their name; they have replaced it with the equally inaccurate term "Christian".  Hmmm.

Perhaps a better term would be "Opportunistic", or maybe "Conveniently Immoral".


Dad29 said...

And they don't even get Wales.

And....they may not even get PAID by the State of Illinois, whose fiscal problems are worse than those of Greece.

Peggy IL said...

This indeed a sad day. I wonder how many employees of the social services agencies are affiliated with FOSIL (the local Call to Action). I am sure they have no qualms about putting kids in gay households.

Also, prayers for one of our priests in Bville to appears to be a bona fide kleptomaniac. We need every priest God sends, but I don't know how much longer the diocese can allow him to be out in the world...

Anonymous said...

Sebastian says:

Hard for me to figure out how Bishop Braxton can be "to the letter" on litrgical matters but won't stand up for the moral law in his diocese and diocesan employees.