28 December 2011

Another Reason to Homeschool, and Another Reason Why Homeschooling Will Be Targeted for Extinction

You haven't realized that your child belongs to the state, you see.

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Methodist Jim said...

Is there reason to be alarmed with the Obama administration's preparatory actions so far? Yes. Did you use the same verb tense in your text as the editors did in the headline at the New York Post? Yes. Are both you and those editors being intentionally provacative and alarmist? I don't know but I suspect.

But, what I do know is that the article (as opposed to the headline) to which you link uses future tense only. It indicates that the scenarios presented "COULD become reality," "the administration WANTS this data to include . . .," "the CDC MIGHT end up with . . .," etc.

While we tend to disagree on matters involving homeshooling, I think your arguments would be strengthened if you refrained from suggestion that legitimate fears of what might happen in the future (however near) are factual reports of what is happening now. I think that your use of the word "belongs" in the present tense has a tendency to do just that. It is, I think, a damage to future credibility.