05 December 2011

A Bully Question

Karen DeCoster at the LRC blog asks a legitimate question.  In light of the massive "anti-bullying" movement across the several states and from the federal government, resulting in more publicly-funded programs, more laws and more angst, she asks:

"So what is it about government schools that promotes 'bullying?'" 

From the full article:

Federal Bully Pulpit

The Michigan legislature is working to pass an anti-bullying law to "protect" vulnerable children in the public school system. Doesn't this strike people as being bizarre that almost all the individual states have passed these laws? Don't we already have laws against aggression/violence?

A question: So what is it about government schools that promotes "bullying?" Why don't private schools and private businesses have anti-bullying laws? Note that the US Department of Uneducation (Office of Safe and Drug-free Schools!) recently held a ... Bullying Prevention Summit? An even better question: why does the federal government need to promote an entire program, funded by taxpayers, dedicated to "stopping" bullying (StopBullying.gov)?

Could the answer be that yanking children from their parents and assimilating them into dumbed-down, draconian learning pools based on age and collectivizing their learning experience in a quasi-prison environment hasn't worked, and will never work for the vast majority of the kiddies?

I had correspondence with one gentleman, on Facebook, about his fiancé, who is being threatened by the state of New Jersey for removing her children from the state's uneducation camp to educate them in the privacy and peace of her own home. The legal notice I link to maintains that the state has a legal right to file formal charges and arrest any "habitual truant child." 

The threat also pointed out that any person who does not have a child attend school regularly will be "deemed a disorderly person" and therefore subject to fines as determined by the court.

That isn't violence bullying?

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