23 December 2011

Light Blogging Through Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone, and have a blessed holiday!


Phil said...

Merry Christmas

Badger Catholic said...

Merry Christmas Timman

Long-Skirts said...


"O come, O come"
The waiting said
Where pink turns green
And purple red.

Where fasting turns
To festive feasts
And midnight whispers
Come from beasts.

Where slate-gray skies,
Tint-brown clouds glow
Full and fraught
To burst with snow

And burdened mules
Who trod the roads
Can finally rest
Take off their loads.

Where families cut
Down Balsam fir
To scent their homes
Like incensed myrrh.

And men once dark
Living in danger…
Shed tears and kneel
At the feat of the manger!

...and JOY comes in the morning!!!

Athelstane said...

Hello Timman,

I'm making the annual pilgrimage back home to the Rome of the West, and hoping there might be a Timman sighting at the morning low masses this week at St. Francis de Sales...