12 December 2011

Meatless Friday Monday, Election Edition

Saint Louis Catholic does not endorse any political candidate.  Now that you have wiped the coffee off of your computer screen, and on a completely unrelated note, here is a video of all of Ron Paul's responses at last Saturday's debate:


Peggy IL said...

Yep. I strongly applauded in particular RP's first response about economics. Interest rates have been ridiculously low, damagingly low, for too many years. He's right about monetary policy and bus cycles. Did he minor in econ?

Also, the other thing to note is the Diane Sawyer (?) Qs had such slow, long chatty prefaces. She ate up too much time.

Anonymous said...

Honestly. Ron Paul is the only one, Democrat or Republican, that truly gets it.


Jack B. said...

. . . excepts that he advocates use of the Morning After Pill and voted against codifying life and marriage at the federal level.

He is mostly pro-life, but Santorum and Bachmann are more so.