15 December 2011

More Chartreusings

Gordon Ramsey
Nick Stellino
Jacques Pepin
Cat Cora
Frugal Gourmet

All on the Index of Forbidden Cooks


This new translation controversy is really too much.  It has gone way beyond Sunday Mass, too.  I was watching the new blu-ray edition of Star Wars, and when Obi-Wan said to Luke, "May the Force be with you," Luke replied, "And with your spirit."


Finally, I just saw an informational video about further changes to the Mass.  In addition to the new translation, there may some rubrical changes to make the Mass more appealing to our separated brethren.  Instead of describing it, maybe you should just watch.  Looks intriguing:


Curious said...

What movie is that clip from?

thetimman said...

Whit Stillman's classic "Barcelona".

Rachel Gray said...

That's the best liturgical dance I've seen yet.

Also, your Star Wars crack cracked me up. :)