06 December 2011

Picture Julie Andrews in a Snood...

...and you can picture Delena, the proprietress of the It's on My To-Do List blog, who has penned the following ditty, sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things".  From her full post:

First, Medjugore and then Garabandal
Should priests wear cassocks or should they wear sandals?
Secrets of Fatima and Pope B16
These are a few controversial things...

High heels and make-up, and veiling, cremation
Donating organs and immigration
Nursing your child 'til the age of sixteen
These are a few controversial things...

Abstaining from meat every Friday all year
Chalices in Mass made of glass that's so clear
NFP, annulments, and home-schooling
These are a few controversial things...

JPII!  Advent blue!
Clowns when I'm feeling mad!
But I just think of a few controversial things
And then I don't feeeeeeeeel soooooo sad!


X said...

Movies like this that are full of baloney,
Long depositions with Cardinal Mahoney,
Girls in the Sacristy, yeast in the bread,
These are the reasons I wish I were dead.

Delena said...

Dang, X. Sounds rough.

So, hey--what's wrong with the movie? I haven't seen it since I was six...and I was not a fan at that age.

StGuyFawkes said...

Now that we are on the subject: as is well known in traditionalist circles, Bishop Williamson once wrote a completely splenetic and crackpot denunciation of "The Sound of Music."

His "causus belli": He thought the film was too hard on the Nazis.

I'm not making this up.

I"ve taken a special affection for the movie ever since. Even though the Austrians were even more murderous than the German Nazis.