31 January 2012

Protestant Is as Protestant Does

What would you say if I told you that a parish of the Archdiocese refuses to use the new, exclusive English translation of the Roman Missal (Ordinary Form)?  Instead, this parish stubbornly clings to the 1973 mistranslation and substitutes its own judgement for that of the Church? 

Well, that is exactly what is happening at St. Stanislaus Parish-- oh wait, that's right-- it's not Catholic and it's not a Parish.  Bozek strikes again.  From the bulletin for January 2012: 

At St. Stanislaus we continue to pray the originally authorized English translation of the Vatican II Catholic liturgy.  We will delay using the newly-revised translation of the Mass texts until a more understandable and prayerful adaptation is available... 

When you've already thrown out the baby, what's the big deal about a little bath water?  I guess if anyone is still pushing the notion-- in Court or elsewhere-- that this is a Catholic parish they may not want this known.  And yet, if you don't care about the rulings of the Pope or your Archbishop, why call yourself Catholic at all?


Christopher M. said...

What happened in 1969 when Parishes refused to use the Novus Ordo?

Or were Catholics more faithful back then?

StGuyFawkes said...


You are too harsh. Perhaps Fr. Bogus is incardinated and has faculties from another secret Bishop with whom he is in utter conformity and communion.

Or, perhaps Fr. Bogus is in fact the anti-Pope of some strange new sect, a "rough beast" whose "eye is as pitiless as the sun...." and who is even now "..slouching his way to Bethleham."

St. Guy

Anonymous said...

Christopher M.:

What parishes ever refused to use the Novus Ordo? Most Catholics were far more obedient in those days. The one who weren't, were the ones who wanted the Novus Ordo change and so much more.

Jim Cole

Anonymous said...

Christopher M; Many good priests were ban from celebrating the TLM, in case you did not know this in history, yet the TLM were never ban as according to Pope Benedict XVI, in a short space of a few sad years, close to 200,000 priests and seminarians say goodbye to their vocation, what we have today, and do see for yourselves, the Traditional Latin Mass is on the come back, this changes is the last ditch to slavage the Novus Ordo, the loss of faith have erode Europe and is on the march in the Americans. plus please check Vatican II, in short there were no change made to change the Holy Saricfice of the Holy Mass. who then change the Mass pls check out Bugnini!!!! read a little and you may understand a lot.

Ralph#29 said...

Mr. Bogus’ plans. Several weeks ago a Bogus spokes person requested from the altar that donations be given to Bogus to pay for a trip Poland to visit his ailing aunt/ “adoptive mother.” Another appeal has since been made for extra funds because Bogus and his uncle,”adoptive father” will be staying in a hotel near the hospital for about two weeks whilst his “mother” will be undergoing treatment . This all sounds very noble, except when you realize that Bogus has a salary of around $60,000/year plus he gets to keep stipends for weddings and funerals and side ventures which have been speculated at another $20,000/year. His father is/was a well paid employee of Michelin Tire Company in Poland and is reportedly not hurting for money. Bogus' greed for self aggrandizement and money cannot be concealed by pleas for compassion and mercy.
Notwithstanding his unfailing duplicity, we wish his mother a complete and speedy recovery.