01 February 2012

The Bishops and the Contraception Mandate: Two Quick Views

Pat Buchanan says that the mandate will be withdrawn.

Eric Giunta thinks otherwise.


Peggy IL said...

I don't think Buchanan thinks O will withdraw it on its own motion. The bishops would have to do the things Buchanan suggests to keep the heat on O. Dream on. Are we then to say, "Oh, great benevolent leader, thank you for your mercy." Let no one be fooled.

I also like Fr. Richard's suggestion that it's time to take action against openly dissenting Catholic pols. Pat Quinn (IL gov), Cuomo Jr. (NY gov), Pelosi, Sebelius & Biden are 5 Catholics who are explicitly working against their own Church by the policies & laws they promulgate and implement.

I also agree w/Giunta that the bishops have brought this on themselves by their years of associating w/Dem for labor reasons, social justice, whitewashing abortion, and foolishly thinking socialized medicine was good in general. They were had in the O-care negotiations from day 1. Any one with eyes to see knew that this was predictable given O's past record and Nancy's determination.

If O loses NC Reporter, then that's something. He's on the road to that. (Sean Michael W eg). Fr Jenkins owes an amend to the Church and her people for his complicity too.
Sorry this is so long...

Barb Schoeneberger said...

I agree with Giunta. He's right on all counts. Bishops need to call their people to holiness again and again and again, and stay out of politics. Advocate for living the truths of the Faith, not for illegal immigration, for example.