23 February 2012

Giving It Up

This link takes you to the above video at STLToday that features students at St. Gabriel the Archangel school relating what they are doing for Lent. 


The children are charming, as children are.  And apparently not much has changed on the getting-along-with-our-siblings front.  Cute video.


Anonymous said...

I saw the headline and thought you were announcing the end of the blog.


Anonymous said...

Tim, your Google search capabilities must be getting rusty. "Burying the alleluia" will turn up a bunch of results which would have told you that this is a traditional Catholic practice! Heaven forbid that terrible liberal Pope Alexander II decreed that the Alleluia should be dismissed with a ceremony! (http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2010/02/burying-alleluia-burning-strawmen.html)

The people also look like a bunch of tie-dye wearing libs, too! http://atonementparish.blogspot.com/2009/02/alleluia-dulce-carmen.html

Seriously, Tim, these are the kind of "angry trad" comments that give traditionalists a bad name!

The school you mention had some teachers that wanted to sing "Ashes", but the kids didn't want to...because they had never heard of it! Maybe you should be more charitable to your neighborhood parish...especially since we are all Latin Rite Catholics in the end.

thetimman said...

In the spirit of self-improvement and mortification, I am happy to post your comment though it is anonymous.

Sorry for my mistake, and I hope your neighborhood parish flourishes.

And as an aside, I didn't feel angry when I wrote the post. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tim, no problem. It's just that we don't want to assume that any sort of extra-liturgical devotion is somehow linked to clown Masses and the magisterium of nuns: witness the "boy bishop" in England, etc. We want to be sure people don't confuse devotional life (which, after all, is a strength of traditional Catholicism) with some sort of distortion of faith.

Sorry about the anonymous comment: I forgot about new posting rules.

That said, I'm somewhat unconvinced of your spirit of self-improvement and mortification, since the post remains unedited.

Those of us that follow traditional blogs (Rorate, etc.) know that it is often a near occasion of sin to read a combox (unless an error is found in a posting)...so no one would ever know of the distortion present in the post.

~A concerned St. Gabriel parishioner

thetimman said...

Two mea culpas in one day.

Or is it meas culpa?

Or meae culpae?