23 February 2012

I Have a Crazy Friend Who Says It's Wrong to Eat Meat. Is He Crazy?

This post is in honor of my eldest daughter, who was asked during a scholarship interview if she thought it important to know from where her food comes.

The above clip is from The Simpsons, and Troy McClure sets Jimmy straight.  For more, check out this post on all-time Simpsons greats at Grantland.


Prekast said...

You've left us hanging!

How did she answer? And, depending upon her response, what was their response?

This sounds like another good story.

Methodist Jim said...


The eldest daughter said...


I definitely wasn't expecting the question. He wanted to know if I thought it was important to know where my food comes from and then asked, "For example, do you know where your breakfast came from?"

I said, "Well, I had a doughnut from QT. That could've come from anywhere."

He started cracking up and (luckily) stopped asking strange questions. :)