24 February 2012

Meatless Friday Friday: Mexican Food Edition

Well and truly off topic and hopelessly local, but I couldn't help but note the passing of the last remnants of the former local-legend Mexican restaurant line Casa Gallardo.  Ol' Ramon Gallardo cashed in the franchise long ago, but several restaurants continued to operate the brand. 

Until now.

As a yoot on the mean streets of Jefferson County (yes, it explains a lot), heading north into the oh-so-high-class South St. Louis County for a meal at Casa Gallardo was like hitting Tony's.  

I once broke up with a girl who ordered a hamburger instead of Tex-Mex.  True story. 

¡Adios, Casa Gallardo!


Fr. Andrew said...

You were right and just to break up with that woman. Yeesh!

PS- like the first wordpress theme. Clean.

Anonymous said...

What does this blog have to do with defending the glories of the Latin Mass, restoring the Hapsburg monarchy to America, dragging the Catholic Church into the 10th century and subsequently excommunicating any citizen to the left of these positions?

C'mon, Timmy.... get back on message!


StGuyFawkes said...

Don't you ever have a wistful thought as to where that hamburger girl and her Spirit of Vatican II went?

St. Guy

thetimman said...

cdg, you say it like those are bad things.

stguy, sure, always wistful about life.

Anonymous said...

It's not often that mr.guyfaux and I agree on anything, but in this case...

...ya should'a gone with the hamburger girl!

in peace & wahoo!


StGuyFawkes said...

Dear C(atholic) D(ogma) G(rates)(cdg),

A girl who would order a burger at a Mexican restaurant would order liturgical dancers at her wedding Mass.

Tim did the right thing.

I only wondered if he had a passing thought for his beloved infidel every once and a while.

St. Guy