22 February 2012

Missouri Attorney General to Continue to Repay His Pro-Abortion/Pro-Cloning Backers

Remember Chris "All Prosecutor, No Politics" Koster, the Missouri Attorney General who abandoned the GOP for the Democrat Party before he ran for statewide office?  Remember how he had to make the "tough decision" that his election was too important than to let thousands of unborn babies stand in the way?

Yeah, that guy.  Well, he continues to pay dividends for his donors.

In a shocker (not), No Politics has announced that he will be appealing the ruling of the Cole County Circuit Court that the Missouri Science Innovation and Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA) violates the State constitution.  Although the STLToday story doesn't mention it, pro-lifers had hailed the Judge's decision because MOSIRA would have gone to fund so-called embryonic stem cell research at taxpayer expense, as foisted on Missourians by the deceptive and successful Amendment 2 campaign.  If you lived outside of the state or under a rock within it, that was the constitutional amendment that required the taxpayers of Missouri to fund the cloning and killing of little babies for the enrichment of junk scientists in the name of science.  It deceived the voters into voting to enshrine cloning-and-killing into the constitution by stating it was banning cloning, and then defining cloning as "not cloning".

If only "pro-life" politicians were so loyal once elected...


Curmudgeon said...

How dare you take even a subtle a swipe at St. Santorum! Be careful or Lifesite News and the KC homeschoolers loop will blacklist you!

Anonymous said...

So, Curm, hope the underbearable weight of being a curmudgeon is not to much. I do have to ask, what KC homeschool list would kick you off for taking a swipe at Santorum? It happens all the time on the KC Catholic homeschool loop.


P.S. How come my google i.d. never works anymore.