04 February 2012

Saturday Check-In

Hello, all, from Atchison, KS. I did read the Komen profiles of "courage" moment and will hit on it next week. Wish I could say I'm surprised.

What I am is old...


StGuyFawkes said...


Take a look at this piece which contextualizes the whole mess.


It looks to me like Susan Komen organization knows she's going to have to break up with her abusive girlfriend sooner or later.

What I expect is that Komen will adopt a "I wanna start seeing other people" approach until it becomes a fight between PP and other organizations for the same dollars.

There is a piece in the "American Thinker" which sounds about right to me. All Komen has to do is set up a criteria that PP has to have mammogram machines and other actual medical procedures and it will be harder for Barbara Boxer to gripe.

Or they can just taper them down by 200 thousand a year and make them whine in front of the American people that they are not getting enough money.

My wife is in remission for breast cancer ten years now. I'm blown away: PP has the nerve to demand money and they don't even do mammograms.

This isn't over. It has served to show the American people the Planned Parenthood is the National Rifle Association of the left.
They get what they want because they can.

St. Guy

Prekast said...

We missed you at Mass, and afterwards at Panera Bread.


Andy said...

You should shoot over to St. Marys, KS while you are in the neighborhood.

Delena said...

What?! You should have let us know you were in our general vicinity! :-)