10 February 2012

Sound Warning to Vigilance

This excerpt is taken from an article written by John Vennari in The Remnant-- prior to the news of today's "compromise".  It bears reading:

Even if Obama relents on the contraception mandate, as he is now being pressured to do, his word cannot be believed, as his pattern of broken promises demonstrates. He can only be actively opposed, as the contraception mandate reflects his true contempt of Christianity and of Christians. 

And if this is the disdain Obama displays to Catholics during an election year, how much more fierce will be that disdain throughout a second term unencumbered by re-election concerns. 

Pope Benedict XVI’s January 19 warning to the US bishops against “militant secularism” is a directly aimed at Barack Obama and his cohorts of the new paganism.

If the bishops ever again trust this man who believes there is no objective truth; no objective ethical standards; that the ends justifies the means; that corruption in the civic leader is a virtue; and that it is the duty of the radical to ‘crush the opposition’; they will only have themselves to blame for the destruction they visit upon themselves and their flock. 

In the meantime, let us support the bishops in their battle against Obama’s anti-Christian legislation. May they encourage their flocks to pray; may they rally their flocks to fight; and may they show even more fang against this militant secularist whose contempt for them is manifest.


Glen said...

This is pure drivel. Catholics who are opposed to President Obama see an opening and are simply fanning the flames of hysteria. The President is anti-Christian? Come on, don't act like the lunatic fringe. Show some common sense.

thetimman said...

Well, Glen, I count one speculative accusation and three ad hominems in your comment. Care to fashion an argument that the President is fair to Christians in his policies?