01 March 2012

"Catholic" Claire McCaskill Helps Vote Down Protections for Catholic Consciences

If she gains a single Catholic vote not named "McCaskill" in her reelection bid, then shame on us.

Since this is a certainty, shame on us.  

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Long-Skirts said...

No! Shame on our Cardinals, Archbishops & Bishops who will not excommunicate!

Anonymous said...

Longskirts nails it. Until our Clergy begins taking the heroic step towards excommunicating these leaders who forsake their Catholic faith, it would be a dubious assumption indeed for them to assume even token support towards their collective stance on this.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess it's shame on you because I'm voting for her.

thetimman said...

Senator, you must use your name or a pseudonym to comment.

Anonymous said...

Claire, Claire, Claire, please stop running those ridiculous ads which state that your opponents got it all wrong. That you are so good, so righteous, so pro-life, so anti-taxes. How stupid do you think we are? Oh, but yes, you did get elected, didn't you?

Not Stupid