27 March 2012

Liveblogging the Rally for Religious Liberty

In a dangerous bit of technological ambition, here I am at the Rally for Religious Liberty at the State Capitol in Jefferson City. I can't begin to estimate the size of the crowd-- it is simply enormous. There are supporters, mostly but not exclusively Catholic, nearly all decked out in red pouring in and out of every nook and cranny in the building. The crowd encircles the rotunda on three levels. 

The Missouri Catholic Conference has assisted with cards for people to fill out and give to their representatives, senators and the governor. 

Archbishop Carlson received a huge ovation when introduced, but has yet to speak.

I saw some that I knew among the throng. It is good to see so many turn out when things look bleak. Not exactly popular to be Catholic these days, but then again, when has it been?

Some quick photos below. You may be able to enlarge them if you click on them.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that the leading newspaper in the state (Post-Dispatch) doesn't even mention this as a news story. And yet if 10 Occupiers were protesting outside Peabody today it would be a front page story.

dulac90 said...

At the risk of detracting from the important and noble efforts documented by this post...

Where are the lumberjacks?

thetimman said...

Right outside the frame, dude.