01 March 2012

Major Religious Showdown Looms: This Time, the Methodists

Methodism can trace its roots to Anglicanism, which left the Church over divorce and remarriage.  Marriage survives as an institution to this day, though it is reeling.

Now they've gone too far.  Methodists are trying to take over the Fish Fry

No word from the Vatican yet. 


Methodist Jim said...

The gauntlet has been thrown. I wonder if the pasta was served with marinara or a meat sauce.

Anonymous said...


Catholic Fish Fry:
Overcooked, rock-hard deep fried Pollack served w/ hush puppies that are indistinguishable from the fish and cold spaghetti

Methodist Fish Fry:
a. Deep fried catfish (the true Southern way) AND shrimp! w/ french fries

Baptist Fish 'Fry'(Kimberling City, MO):
Trout Amandine served w/ asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

Winner: the Protestants

game-set- match!