06 March 2012

Meatless Friday Tuesday: Praise the Lard Edition

Hello from Saint Louis, where a formerly common, now rarer-- and I will add lamentable--regional dialect causes some denizens to pronounce "Lord" as "lard", "forty" as "farty", and other hilarities.

Today, I want to talk about lard.  Not the Lord, but just simple, humble lard.

In the rush to make everything sanitary and convenient in the sixties and seventies, many natural foods and methods of food preparation were cashiered.  Most have made a comeback.  Here comes one of the last: lard.

NPR (amazingly, yes, I sometimes check it out) ran a story called Who Killed Lard?  You can read it or listen to it here.

And now lard is being hailed as a possible health food.  Check out these articles here and here (thanks to LRC). 

Bottom line:  as others have noted, pork fat tastes good.


Lard lover said...

I've been using Lard for years, instead of the very bad for you and unnatural shortening. Unfortunately, the only place I have been able to find it is in the South, or a large Wal-mart.

Maria said...

When I was growing up, in DC, we had a maid who made biscuits w/ lard. Man oh man. Some kinda wonderful biscuits :)

Anonymous said...

Timman, you were ahead of this curve, too, amirite? I mean, I always assumed that your family's candle-making was just a by-product of rendering pork fat for lard.

Speaking of which, do you have a spare kettle? We can't find ours.


Proud SLPS Parent

Anonymous said...

My mother in law is an expert with the lard. My husband grew up on a 500 acre farm and lard was used for cooking. It is legendery among the siblings as is the argument who milked the cow the most. We did get the milk strainer as a wedding gift.

My advice is that a farm boy is good to marry. They are hard workers.


doughboy said...

i cook with bacon fat - does that count?