01 March 2012

Media Assault on Catholic Church over Homosexuality Continues

On the heels of the now-national outcry over the justified firing of the pro-homosexual "marriage" teacher in St. Louis, comes this story.  

The other day, a priest in the Washington, D.C. area denied Holy Communion to a lesbian living in an open and notorious relationship with another woman.  The Mass was a funeral Mass for the woman's mother.  

The media outcry was predictable.

Perhaps also predictable was the undermining of the priest by the Archdiocese of Washington

The criticism by the Archdiocese assumes a set of facts that we don't know, namely whether or if the priest advised the woman privately not to present herself for Communion.  But regardless, the Archdiocese's failure to give the priest the benefit of the doubt is appalling.  "Lack of pastoral sensitivity"?  Puke.

Why, I wonder, do the bishops expect support from Catholics in the fight against the contraception mandate?  For which one of us will they go to the mat
when we get targeted by their liberal friends?

How many Apostles stood by the cross of Jesus?

You have to read the stories linked above.  The water is at 211 degrees, friends.


Anonymous said...

Canon 915: "Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion."

It took courage by Father Marcel to stand alongside the teachings of Church and is not to be blamed. The blame ultimately lay squarely on priests, bishops and clergy who have for decades FAILED to teach from the pulpit that sodomy and other grave sins are wrong. If you can't abide the teaching and law of the Church - even if you claim to be a 'life-long Catholic' - don't call yourself one.


Peggy IL said...

I support the priest. I can't help but wonder whether the priest should have said something ahead of time to this woman when planning the funeral. These days there are lots of things that people take for granted regarding funerals b/c we're not properly formed. It would have been a confrontation at any point. Or perhaps the woman would have had a different priest who would give her communion...or he would have been undermined ahead of time. But the important thing is that the Eucharist was not profaned.

Peggy IL said...

PS. I see the priest didn't learn about the lesbian relationship until just before the mass.

The archdiocese's reaction is outrageous. How does the CHurch expect to combat the attacks on its beliefs with this kind of weakness?

Jerry D. said...

Thank God you and your fellow Pharisees are on the fringes of Cathlicism. You are afraid of anyone and anything that is different from you. To you, human compassion is a sign of weakness. On Judgment Day, you will have to answer for your lack of humanity.

thetimman said...

Jerry, Cathlicism's Fringe is a great band name, but in following the teachings of Christ, every Pope, the unchanged teaching of 2,000 years, natural law and common sense doesn't put me there. Thanks for the warning, though.

Anonymous said...

The comment sections for these articles are truly frightening. The hatred is not hidden by any attempt at civility.


I like a friend's "Amish Airstrike" better for a band name... but "Catholicism's Fringe" has potential. What mode would they sing in?

Dan said...

I will be supporting this priest in a concrete way: I am writing tonight to the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington.

I am going to ask the Nuncio to require the Wuerl diocese to reiterate the Church's clear teaching on the heinous mortal sin of unnatural vice, in a public manner, and I am going to demand that the Nuncio inform the Washington Chancery to apologize to the priest who did his duty.

If we Catholics sit on our collective asses and do not write a simple, respectful but FIRM letter to the Nunciature then the battle is lost and the homosexuals will win, bringing more untold misery to the Church and the world.

I spoke to the office of the Nuncio earlier today and expressed in very polite but justifiably testy terms that I will not sit still while this outrage continues. The person I spoke with asked me to put my thoughts in a letter, which is what I am now doing.

Everyone reading this must do the same. We can no longer sit back and whimper and cower in the face of such unimaginable evil.

Will all you reading this join me?

The information on how to reach the Apostolic Nuncio is easily googled.

Athelstane said...

I think it would also help if all of us would take a moment to write to Fr. Guarnizo with our support and prayers. He is getting a lot of hate mail this week.

Fr. Guarnizo has been a tireless and energetic witness for life, conducting regular prayer vigils outside the abortion mill run by the notorious partial birth abortionist, Dr. Leroy Carhart, formerly of Nebraska. One of the Washington Post columnists actually ran a clip of one of his speeches outside of Carhart's office, apparently expecting his readers to be shocked. On the contrary, I was enormously inspired.

P.S. Jerry, we will ALL have something to answer for on Judgement Day.

Anonymous said...

I made a comment about same sex marriage and how wrong it is, it got on my facebook and someone that was considered on a friend list took me off and called me a bigot. I will stand up for the teachings of the catholic church.