20 March 2012

Notes from the Bowl: Strong Words from the Pope on the Modern World-- "...a congealed mass of all filth."

"We speak of the things which you see with your own eyes, which We both bemoan. Depravity exults; science is impudent; liberty, dissolute. The holiness of the sacred is despised; the majesty of divine worship is not only disapproved by evil men, but defiled and held up to ridicule. Hence sound doctrine is perverted and errors of all kinds spread boldly. The laws of the sacred, the rights, institutions, and discipline -- none are safe from the audacity of those speaking evil. Our Roman See is harassed violently and the bonds of unity are daily loosened and severed. The divine authority of the Church is opposed and her rights shorn off. She is subjected to human reason and with the greatest injustice exposed to the hatred of the people and reduced to vile servitude. The obedience due bishops is denied and their rights are trampled underfoot. Furthermore, academies and schools resound with new, monstrous opinions, which openly attack the Catholic faith; this horrible and nefarious war is openly and even publicly waged. Thus, by institutions and by the example of teachers, the minds of the youth are corrupted and a tremendous blow is dealt to religion and the perversion of morals is spread. So the restraints of religion are thrown off, by which alone kingdoms stand. We see the destruction of public order, the fall of principalities, and the overturning of all legitimate power approaching. Indeed this great mass of calamities had its inception in the heretical societies and sects in which all that is sacrilegious, infamous, and blasphemous has gathered as bilge water in a ship's hold, a congealed mass of all filth."

-- from Mirari Vos, Pope Gregory XVI, 1832


The Riopel Family said...

the fact that it is 1832 and it sounds like 2012 gives me hope... all of this hatred and persecution is nothing new and the cycles of the public-ness (invent a word!)of this persecution is also nothing new. but, if it be the end, than, as my 8 yr old recently said, we will go down as martyrs (i pray!)

Anonymous said...

Your Holiness,

Who set this ball into motion? You and your fellow bishops have blood on your hands.


thetimman said...

Mike, to which Pope are you referring? And maybe a little more specificity would be in order.

Ryan said...

Mirari Vos is an all-time favourite of mine as well! "Bilge water in a ship's hold, a congealed mass of all filth..." Pointed and poetic at the same time.