14 March 2012


Yes, I'm alive.

Yes, I ate this.

No, I didn't quit.

Yes, that's too bad.


Rick said...

I'm almost afraid to ask. What is it?

Anonymous said...

What is it?


thetimman said...

That, friend, is called a Ronza. It is culinary bliss.

With grease.

Anonymous said...

Did you drive through nebraska? There they are named Runza (with a U)and to be honest - I think they are gross.

Happy eating on this Laetare Sunday.

V. Double

Sharon said...

V. Double,

Just wanted to let you know ... I've seen recipes for runzas, and I can tell you that a runza is very different from a ronza.

A runza, from what I can tell, often has cabbage as a main ingredient. That that would be gross for me, too.

A ronza, however, is like an inside-out pizza with a crust that is chewy and slightly crisp, similar to a Gus' pretzel. They are delicious!