10 April 2012

Appointment of New Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Expected Soon

This is the second most important post in the Church.  How to describe the situation?
For the longest time, Bishop Gerhard Müller of Regensburg was thought to be the leading candidate.
Now, it appears, Cardinal Burke's name is gaining traction.

Pray for the Holy Father and the Church even more in the next week.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Cardinal Burke there also Still as they say in Rome, "Those who don't know talk; those who know don't talk." Guess we will know when we know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous - That expression is great! The only exception to the rule might be some little, non-important person close to certain situations, who leak info to make themselves feel oh so important. There have been a few times while reading statements such as, "a source who wishes to remain anonymous said...," I have thought, "Someone needs to be fired."

Have a blessed Easter season.\\V. Double

Anonymous said...

Sorry , I did not mean to be anonymous. How come google accounts don't work on this blog any more.

Back to the leaks--the staff at the offices take oaths of silence so whoever leaks a secret will have bigger problems than getting fired. They can't even give friendly interviews. I tend to believe that they are guessing when they say "anonymous source."


Anonymous said...

I notice the Pope is wearing your favorite tablecloth style vestment. Beautiful vibrant colors.