09 April 2012

Notes from the Bowl, Mob Morality Edition

I wish I had a more uplifting entry for the first news post of the Easter Season.  If you wonder about the answers to the following questions:

1.  What will it be like for Catholics on the probable, upcoming Catholic version of Kristallnacht in the U.S.?

2.  Is our moral fiber, as a nation, strong enough to weather another economic depression like the 1930s?

3.  Is the secular society better off without organized religion?

4.  Does our society, at heart, really respect human life?

5.  Are all of the civil liberties that we have been giving up/allowing to be taken really making us safer?--

then, click on the link below.  I post the link because you ought to be shocked; if you have been asleep until now, you may want to wake up.  DON'T click on the link if you are a minor or if you are easily upset.

Second Video Shows Brutal Gang Attack On Tourist Outside Baltimore Courthouse


Anonymous said...

What an infuriating video. I don't get it...when is the upcoming Catholic kristallnacht?

Peggy R said...

Perhaps John Derbyshire might wish to post this as supporting evidence for his recent column at Taki Mag that got him axed from NRO's rolls.

I fear for our culture.

One would think that the first black president would have a responsibility to encourage responsibility and stability in black society. He's too busy tearing the rest of the country down to the same level.

God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Kristallnacht on these thugs ... when do we start? Answers to your other questions of course is 'no'.