09 May 2012

I Discovered Canada's Second-Most Popular Tourist Attraction

And it's my family.

My lovely wife Sharon and I have 7 children so far, and it's not like we've never heard comments in St. Louis before. But man oh man, are we ever the oddity in Canada!

We have been approached by so many people over the two days in which we have been here, and their amazement/amusement has been entertaining for us in the extreme.

My personal favorite was an Asian-Canadian man this morning who Just. Could. Not. Get over it. He smiled to beat the band. He counted us all twice. He looked me over pretty good, like he was trying to figure out how my wife could stand to be with me (though THAT part isn't unusual).

Then he went to get his wife and introduced her to us. You could tell he just did that to cover the obvious "No, really, you have to SEE this!" motivation and the "Ha!, what did I tell you!" looks he kept shooting her.

THEN he brought back his 20- something daughter and they giggled and took our picture (!), while staring so long that I told Sharon I was going to charge him for the privilege if he stayed two seconds longer. As if on cue, he left, smiling all the way.
His antics, though, brought out many other gawkers, and we formed a receiving line to accommodate them all.

Later, on a local bus, we entertained some Australian teenagers, and even the parking Nazis enjoyed the children so much we got a brief spell of free parking at Niagara Falls.

Tonight, as we arrived at our hotel in Montreal, we did the whole clown car evacuation as people and baggage poured out from all doors. Doing a quick scan, I believe we have doubled the population of Quebec just by stepping out of the vehicle.

All this has led me to decide to tour the Great White North and go to carnivals with our children (birth certificates in hand), and charge two bits a gander.

We'll be rich!


Private Burns said...

You'll be rich, rich as Nazis!

Meg said...

Do I hear another TLC show coming on?

Hootiecootie said...

Hey, I could have donated a few more to make it even more exciting for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're the Savage in Brave New World, where the civilized people can't believe you actually do that obscene birth thing.


thetimman said...

Indeed. On the elevator at our Montreal hotel today a friendly gentleman remarked that "that just doesn't happen anymore." and his wife or girlfriend said, "Bon chance," as we left.

MrsC said...

At least nobody asked you, "Are all of them from THIS wife??"