06 May 2012

Various and Sunday

Greetings to you all on a hot St. Louis Sunday. There are a number of items I wanted to touch on today, so let's get to it:

1. Canon Matthew Talarico of the ICRSS celebrated Mass today at the Oratory, and delivered an amazing sermon on meekness and gentleness. I have already asked I'm for the text, and when I have that I will post it. In case you didn't know, Canon Talarico was one of the two ordinands in Cardinal Burke's history-making Mass in 2007--pictured at the bottom of this blog.

2. I have the opportunity to make a visit to some beautiful pilgrimage churches in Quebec in the upcoming little while. I hope to have some photos to post as I do.

3. In news of more import to the Church, Rorate is posting a French media outlet report that a denouement in the SSPX situation will occur before the end of May. I pray this is so, and that reconciliation is the result, if it be God's will. Cardinal Burke, among others, is calling on the faithful to pray for it.

4. Contrast the respectful discourse between Pope Benedict and Bishop Fellay with the shrill shrieking from the LCWR as they and their supporters do everything they can to avoid obeying lawful authority and abandoning the many heresies that they promote. Now one could say that both the SSPX and the LCWR had obedience issues (though I would not call them identical issues in kind or amount), but there is no hint of heresy in the positions of the former. Their comrades in left-"Catholicism" are red-herring-ing as well as they can at the moment.

5. Next, down in Fort Worth, TX, the College of St. Thomas More has changed its name to the College of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, or Fisher-More College for short. More updates from this traditionally-oriented Catholic College will be found at its website.

6. Oh yeah-- the French have put the Socialists into power. I mean the party that calls themselves Socialists, not the less-strident group of Socialists led by Sarkoszy. France is home to lots of bad, and good, in politics, philosophy and theology. Yet another pendulum swing...

The photo above is of the Place de Bastille. Perhaps a prayer for all the Catholics killed by the Revolution (in all its manifestations), might be in order. St. Louis IX, pray for us. St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.

Have a great week.

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StGuyFawkes said...

The "Sojourner" article is typical of the apoplectic, eye-ball popping hyperbole being used by left-Catholics to slander the CDF.

The CDF, we are told is subjecting the LCWR to an "hostile takeover", a "crackdown", and worst of all putting the LCWR into "receivership."

A columnist for the Washington Post went so far as to say that the CDF had mounted a totalitarian "coup d'Etat" of the sisters' orders.

This is a disgusting politicization of an essentially religious conflict.

Here in plain English is what the document says the CDF is going to do to the LCWR. Read it closely! The "Doctrinal Assessment of the LCWR" states,

"The mandate of the Delegate is to include the following:

1) To revise LCWR Statutes to ensure greater clarity about the scope of the mission
and responsibilities of this conference of major superiors. The revised Statutes will be
submitted to the Holy See for approval by the CICLSAL.

2) To review LCWR plans and programs, including General Assemblies and
publications, to ensure that the scope of the LCWR’s mission is fulfilled in accord
with Church teachings and discipline. In particular:

- Systems Thinking Handbook will be withdrawn from circulation pending revision

- LCWR programs for (future) Superiors and Formators will be reformed

- Speakers/presenters at major programs will be subject to approval by Delegate

3) To create new LCWR programs for member Congregations for the development of initial and ongoing formation material that provides a deepened understanding of the
Church’s doctrine of the faith.

4) To review and offer guidance in the application of liturgical norms and texts. For example:

-The Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours will have a place of priority in LCWR events and programs.

5) To review LCWR links with affiliated organizations, e.g. Network and Resource
Center for Religious Life."


Is there anyone who finds this reminiscent of a "coup d'etat?" (Where's the military?) Is there anyone who thinks this is a "crackdown?" (Is anyone going to jail?)

Religious orders have gone through reform on and again during the history of the Church. It is a normal and necessary process. But "Soujourner" and "The National Catholic Reporter" are going to get so excited they'll end up asking the United Nations to recognize the LCWR as a Vatican Government-in- exile.

Basically the only undigestible thing that the CDF has asked the sisters is that they take in a Mass during their conference. Now that's gonna really tear it!

If I were the CDF I'd demand that they take in a Tridentine before and after each conference. Then stand back and watch the sisters reach for their talismans, pull their brooms and fly through the air.