15 May 2012

Warning: Shameless Vanity Food Post

My lovely wife Sharon and I had a realistic date night in Quebec last night at the wonderful Cafe du Monde, a lovely bistro right on the Saint-Laurent. We began with spinach soup (voluntarily chosen), and that is when I decided that the French can make anything taste good. We had the same entree, salmon with a basil crust, cooked perfectly, with risotto and vegetables. For dessert, I chose the obvious creme brûlée and she had a selection of fruit sorbets.

Add a very nice white wine, espresso, and finish with Chartreuse, and, voila!

Take that, Fr. Z.


Anonymous said...

What did you think about your daughter's blog? Do you think she has a future in the blogosphere or in Rome? I loved the picture that she placed with it. Is is from "Roman Holiday?"

V. Double

thetimman said...

My daughter's post was shameful and weird.


Yup, Roman Holiday. I think she looks like Audrey.