21 June 2012

Assuming This Is Addressed to the LCWR Assembly, I'm OK with It

Story here.

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Anonymous said...

The ranting of people that support “freedom from religion” is so archaic to me. That logic purposes that ‘religion’ is the source of society’s problems. Not all religion is God centered. Eventually, when God is taken out of society and the human is elevated to supreme status, society crumbles. Of course, seculars will deduce that the ills of a crumbling society are results of religious influence. After a while this focused hatred of religion becomes its own organization or institution.

Freedom from religion is like freedom without air. FFRF "faithful" are devout in what they believe and will use whatever means to convince others of this "choice". Even if those actions take that "choice" away from those that believe otherwise. If one wants to 'quit the church' then do it without the fanfare. I assure you that no one is stopping them. Why the focus on the Catholic Church? Is my faith so strong that it affects another's choice to believe as I do? What happens when we are free of religion? That is a huge space to fill in human society. What will be allowed to take its place? I am sure FFRF has thought of this and welcomes the opportunity. All religions and institutions are plagued by human vices and sin. Education, religion, guilds, society, nations and governments have discriminated against and even abused races, sexes, children, elderly and ideologies different from the ruling authority. Depending on human faculties alone has historically had notable results on society. Monarchism to democracy to socialism to communism to totalitarianism and back to tribal society seems to be the slide of atheism or agnosticism.

The Catholic Church has survived much opposition such as this and it will continue to survive. Don’t hate Catholics for defending their right to choose, as they believe. I love living in the United States of America where I can choose to be Catholic. Like anyone living by an ethos, I have chosen the Roman Catholic Church for its sound theology and spiritual completeness. The Christian teachings of Holy Mother Church has pointed society to virtues that edify human society and honors God above all who is the source of all life and true happiness.

As an American citizen, who has defended this great nation during war and preparedness for war, I have the right to life, freedom and pursuit of happiness. All American citizens have this right. Having hate organizations like FFRF promote this kind of discontent is one of the chances that a free society will tolerate under legal ordinances that protect individuals. Individuals will need to choose for themselves and be responsible for the outcome of their choices. In the end, Truth outshines all the ideologies humanity postulates. Choose wisely.