04 July 2012

The 149th Anniversary of the Fall of Vicksburg

At the special request of StGuy Fawkes, a repost. Geraldo's birthday isn't the only reason to mark July 4:

Today marks one of the turning points in American history. Vicksburg, Mississippi succumbed to a lengthy Northern siege on July 4, 1863, the day after the defeat of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg. With the fall of Vicksburg, the Confederate States were cut in two, and the Union Army controlled the Mississippi River. This surrender, coupled with the defeat of Lee at Gettysburg, ensured Union victory in the War of Northern Aggression.

From the Wikipedia entry:

The Confederate surrender following the siege at Vicksburg is sometimes considered, when combined with Gen. Robert E. Lee's defeat at Gettysburg the previous day, the turning point of the war. It also cut off communication with Confederate forces in the Trans-Mississippi Department for the remainder of the war. The city of Vicksburg would not celebrate Independence Day for about eighty years as a result of the siege and surrender.

For a kick, check out the comments from last year's post.


Peggy R said...

It's like Vicksburg all over again.

StGuyFawkes said...

Anybody want to re-hear the connection between Hegel and the Eads Bridge?

Methodist Jim said...

A humble request . . . please, oh please Timman, give us the link to the bare shoulders com-box so we can compare these two gems side-by-side.

Anonymous said...

To celebrate the mark the fall of Vicksburg, I spent the day retracing the march of the MO Militia from Camp Jackson back to the Arsenal. (as best is possible given the modern road grid and the parade going on).

For some enjoyment (not as good as Eads Bridge magic):


"Marx To Joseph Weydemeyer In St Louis"

It starts "Dear Weiwi"...and yes there are more to Weiwi there from both Marx and Engles. Fascinating stuff.


Anonymous said...

The "South will rise again". The main thrust of the Confederacy was the family. Slavery was not the main thrust of the entire Confederacy. Forces in the North allowed no compromise. Irish and German troops, Catholic and Lutheran, were the backbone of the North. There were many Irish troops who fought as immigrants for the South for which I can attest as a four year Navy vet homeported out of Charleston. From a war with the family at the core, why have we now become a nation of "lust and perversion" for which we will soon receive retribution.