05 July 2012

Home Run Derby at the Oratory

If you are interested in participating in a fun event that isolates and glorifies one aspect of our nation's pastime, why not take part in a Home Run Derby on July 15 (a week from Sunday) after 10am High Mass. The festivities will likely start around 12:30pm.

Don't let the fierce visages of Canon Talarico and Abbé Alex scare you away.

"It is a failing to be so harsh and rigid that we will not allow ourselves or others to indulge in any recreation. Air and exercise, cheerful games, music, field sports, and the like are such innocent amusements that they only require to be used with ordinary discretion."

-- St. Francis de Sales


MP said...

I wouldn't want to run into those two in a dark alley :)


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Roger Clemons will be pitching at this event. He is looking to clear his name after all of those icky accusations against him and as a warm up he figures striking out a bunch of middle aged men, teenage and adolescent boys and an Oblate, a Priest and a Blogger will be the start of his return to respectability.

Or, not.

Jose Canseco