30 July 2012

LCWR Assembly Still On (of Course), August 7-10

Millennium Hotel St. Louis
200 South 4th Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63102

O God, the heathens are come into Thine inheritance; they have defiled Thy holy temple: they have made Jerusalem as a place to keep fruit.

--from the Introit to today's Mass, the Commemoration of SS. Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs.


Hootiecootie said...

May God help us all!!

Excellent post.

Where is the leadership defending our Holy Catholic Faith by condemning this heresy?

StGuyFawkes said...

It's a waste of mind and spirit to fret over why in our "conciliar Church" the local ordinary won't condemn this gathering. With two Vatican congregations already closing in on these colorful birds of paradise it would appear like overkill, or worse, a matter of upstaging the CDF if His Excellancy Abp. Carlson took up the matter of the sisters' heterodoxy. It would be at the least bad form for anyone local to take this up when it's already being handled from the top.

Remember, the idea of local Catholics acting out of concert with Rome is what these women are all about. That's their style, not ours.

thetimman said...


I suppose there are things worse than merely allowing it to take place.

Prekast said...

The average Catholic (read Novus Ordo) probably has no idea that the Vatican is "closing in" on these heretics. I would prefer the local ordinary show just how in-line with Rome he is, by pointing out to the masses (sort of) at Mass that this group is in heresy and should be avoided.

Anonymous said...

How is it that Sister Rosalind Moss, (in religion Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God), and her Daughters of Mary Mother of Israel's Hope were given nothing less than the boot by Archbishop Carlson, in defiance of Cardinal Burke?

And these "religious" are allowed to openly display behavior that would make any good Catholic weep in shame?

It is to give scandal and I believe designed to cause despair when such things are allowed to happen. We will not despair; we will pray for more like Mother Miriam.