19 July 2012

The LCWR Opposes the Bishops on the Contraception Mandate. Do the Bishops Care?

When will we hear that the LCWR assembly in St. Louis has been condemned? I keep reading the Review and there is silence. Nothing but silence.

When will we hear that Catholics are warned to stay away from the LCWR assembly? I read the Archdiocesan website and see nothing.

When will we hear that the LCWR has been asked to take their assembly elsewhere? Anyone?

What about you? Hear any homilies against it?

We read and hear from these people about peace and justice. What is just or peaceful about murdering children?

So, helping several poor people to apply for government benefits gives these people license for heresy and scandal?



RJW? said...

Sad and depressing. The silence speaks volumes and it is deafening.

Anonymous said...

Any interest in having a Rosary crusade in front of the conference?


Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm interested. Would need to know where the Conference is, and get an idea of their itinerary do we can select a good day/date/time.


Anonymous said...

Good luck finding out where the conference is being held. I have searched their website, and it is a mystery. I would hope that the Archbishop would condemn this, but he has not answered questions regarding this. I think there should be a visual protest against the conference; a rosary would be wonderful. The speakers are not in line with Catholicism, and that is probably an understatement


Anonymous said...

Yes, don't they know yet that there is only ONE social justice issue? Don't they get that we all should turn our backs to the poor, the unemployed, the crippled, the lame, the victimized, the oppressed, the mutilated, the mentally challenged, the physically disabled ... and only focus on the one and only issue that affects all humanity?

Anonymous said...

And the point is?


doughboy said...

my 2 cents: i'm guessing the review is silent because the vatican is allowing the LCWR annual conference to go forward and they exist only at the behest of the vatican. perhaps those in higher authority are taking a wait & see approach post-visitation report before going further?

Long-Skirts said...


Who told you that?
It was just pride
To wear the Habit
As His bride.

Who told you that?
The whisperer lied
The Habit draws
All to your side.

Who told you that?
Some fashion guide
Your chic they chide.

Who told you that?
Your trending tried
“To be like us”
Vocations died.

Who told you that?
“Abuse!” they cried
The serpent strikes
All pure deride.

So 60’s religious
Do a suicide-slide
The “oppressed” Catholic Mother
To the truth did abide.

Cassocks and Habits
By God’s grace purified –
And His lilies of the field
Have now multiplied!

Anonymous said...

While some members of the LCWR have strayed far afield from orthodox Catholic teaching (even if others are quite orthodox), it seems we give in to a human temptation for name-calling in critiquing them. A few things to keep in mind:

1) These ladies have made a vow to put aside marriage, profitable careers, and even a choice of where to live in order to devote their lives to serving others, and we should remember and respect that, even when individuals or groups dissent from Catholic teaching.
2) If our goal is (as it should be) the salvation of souls, then the use of provocative labels (as I’ve seen in other posts) is not conducive to that end. No liberal Catholic is ever going to read a post accusing her of “Gaia-worship” and being in a “coven” and think “Wow, when they put it that way, I see my error – I need to get back to orthodoxy.” No, they will invoke the normal human response of resentment that any of us have when someone questions our sincerity, and that actually puts them further away from the salvific goal. Dissenters are not doing a conference call each day with Satan to figure out how to further the conspiracy of undermining the Church – they sincerely arrive at their positions, even when those positions are markedly wrong. We will never make any progress in strengthening the Church if we assume away peoples’ sincerity.
3) To that end, there is ample room to cheerfully and firmly argue the merits of Catholic orthodoxy for addressing the problem many religious orders are devoted to – poverty. For example, it is almost an article of faith among many Church critics that doctrinal opposition to contraception perpetuates poverty. However:

- Despite half a century of the Pill, poverty-perpetuating out-of-wedlock births are climbing higher rather than coming down
- A social ethic of sexual license has led to the objectification of women (thus closing opportunities to them) and distraction from more productive aspirations by the pursuit of lust
- Chemical frustration of a natural, healthy process in the body can be expected to have adverse health effects, and the carcinogenic and other risks of synthetic hormones will introduce yet more load on our health care system; furthermore, a promiscuous society gives plenty of opportunity for the spread of existing STDs and the evolution of new ones
- Our family planning enthusiasm is making our populace demographically topsy-turvy, which will strain and eventually break our retirement support system; furthermore, the most liberal states tend to have lower birth rates (and markedly higher abortion rates), which is already causing them to lose political representation at the federal level. Locally, the stagnation of population growth in the urban core, thanks in part to the embrace of abortion in St. Louis City, is why Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan are fighting over the sole remaining solidly Democratic district.

In short, the Sexual Revolution could not have had more casualties if it had been an actual shooting war, and I think making points in such fashion might lead people to the conclusion that Paul VI was on to something with Humane Vitae. Most contentious parts of Catholic doctrine can be presented in the same, largely secular, light.

I’m very glad there is a blog that keeps track of Catholic goings-on in St. Louis, and I apologize if I seem intermperate, but we’ve got to turn down the rhetorical temperature – if we calmly present arguments, the Holy Spirit can be counted on to do the rest.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

Long-Skirts said...

Bryan Kirchoff said:

"if we calmly present arguments, the Holy Spirit can be counted on to do the rest."

You are very kind, Bryan but that's all been tried. I can speak for myself in discussing things calmly and charitably with many, priests, nuns and Bishops over the years until I realized my 10 childrens' souls were in danger if I didn't demand the Truth and then, as a Baptized Catholic with an informed conscience had to ask the Holy Spirit to show me the way.


Who'll say Mass
Assumption Feast?
No longer done
Said parish priest.

Who will baptize
Little one?
More important

The Catholic Faith
Please teach my child?
Not I, said nun born-

Who will help
Teach catechism?
Don't call it that
It sounds like schism.

Who will hear
My child confess?
We're all forgiven

Who will give
The angels' Bread?
Sue and Fred.

Confirm my teens
Their souls they're losing?
That must be done
Of their own choosing.

So little mother
Walked away
Hating to
Look bold.

Never orphaned
Clung to Cross
Deposit Faith
Her gold.

Then up above
On mountain top
A man in white
He stood.

Just one more Bishop
Who'll try to stop...
What's good.

But Bishop lifted
Up her Cross
His sons helped
Bear the weight.

And Pilgrims in
Progressive lands
Continued in

They handed down
What they were taught
Vocations now
They flourish

And others old
Who loved new-thought
Had only crust
To nourish.

But little mother
Saw their tears
Starving for
What's true...

Come in, come in,
We've waited years...
His Bread's, in memory,
For you!!!

Anonymous said...

Long-Skirts, you are arguing against a straw man. Circling the wagons and discussing doctrinal issues in a civil, caring, charitable manner are not mutually exclusive.

Proud SLPS Parent