03 July 2012

What is the Big Deal about the Rationale of Roberts' Holding?

"Roberts is saying that if Congress, to stimulate the economy, orders every middle-class American to buy a new car or face a $5,000 fine, such a mandate is within its power."

-- Patrick Buchanan

Other examples can be thought of...


Anonymous said...

How do you feel about a tax on sentences with dangling prepositions?

Proud SLPS Parent

thetimman said...

It's something I'm against.

Anonymous said...

Timman, your nonsense is the type of nonsense up with which I will not put.


Proud SLPS Parent

StGuyFawkes said...

It's the Fourth of July! Can we do the post about the Battle of Vicksburg and the Eads Bridge? Please?

Anonymous said...

Or ... can you wage a $2 trillion dollar war, and instead of paying for it, cut taxes for the uber rich, burdening every American man, woman and child with $23,000 in taxes that, lo and behold, will burden our children and grandchildren for generations?

Or, because Republicans supported these two moral and financial disasters: is that sort of "greed now - pay later" scheme okay, just us long as our current generation doesn't have to pay for it?