05 August 2012

More Mixed Messages as NY Catholic Charities Invites Our Persecutor to Dinner

Dialogue works, we all know that. After Cardinal Dolan's invitation, it's a sure bet that the Dear Leader will just drop that contraception/abortion/sterilization mandate in the socialized medicine law.

Don't worry about the possibility of scandal to pro-life Catholics-- one has to be surprised to be scandalized.

Matt Abbott states his perplexity, and I'll join him. I guess that means we both hate poor people somehow.

All the fundraising, public education, prayers, grassroots Catholic action, and catechesis-- down the tubes.

Catholicism: death by dialogue.


Hootiecootie said...

I second the dismay and disgust!

Yeah, what about the poor babies?

No further dialogue needed.

Forward-Slash_S said...

Like Michael Hichborn says in the article you linked to:

"We are living in possibly the greatest time of confusion that the Catholic Church has ever known. Catholics are profoundly confused about fundamental principles like birth control, homosexuality, abortion, Mass attendance, and even the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Given the latest revelations about Catholic Relief Services' errant funding practices ... the ongoing scandal at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and the serious problems at the Catholic Health Association, hosting Barack Obama at a Catholic Charities event, and giving him a platform to speak, only compounds the extreme confusion among American Catholics."

If I were on the outside of Catholicism looking in, I would think we were a bunch of knuckleheads we are who say one thing and do the opposite ... what a dichotomous lot we are. Thank Goodness for anchors like the Institute and the Society. As the Church goes, so goes the world.


Anonymous said...

Here in the state of Misery, with the summer-long drought that has NOTHING to do with global warming, the federal government is planning on aiding farmers who lost most of their crops. Thankfully, our smart legislators can see right through this travesty, and are declining the offer and funds saying that it amounts to pure socialism.

In comments to Fox News, they claim that this is a blatant attempt to rob the rich of more tax cuts while helping out those too lazy to work and who just waited all summer for government handouts.

The Tea Party proclamed Missouri as a true bastion of true capitalism. The state legislators who voted against any government entitlements were given lavish parties in the Cayman Islands, where they insisted that their donations had anything to do with their votes.


thetimman said...


Powerless. In. The face. Of sarcasm! Help!