28 August 2012

New Veil and Hat Source

A longtime reader and her family have started a hat and veil business, Clarissa's Hats and Veils, which I will link at the right of the blog (and that makes three such options to choose from on this site). The canonical opinion of the mysterious Unknown Canon Lawyer X that women are still obliged to cover their heads at Mass is one of my most loved and hated all-time posts.

In other vendor news, the wonderful work of Catholic Embroidery is highlighted on their updated website, also linked at right.

Just as a reminder, I receive no compensation from any of these linked businesses, so don't imagine me rolling in dough on some Caribbean isle. If only.

1 comment:

Clarissas Hats and Veils said...


Thank you very much for the free publicity on my new hat and veil business. II hope your readers will take a look at it and pass the word on to their friends as well!

God Bless,

Clarissas Hats and Veils