04 September 2012

Communist Party Drops God from Platform

Dog bites man stuff. And of course they want publicly funded genocide, too. No surprise-- if you are Catholic and have ever considered voting for these thugs, check your catechism again.

No, the real problem is deciding exactly which left-wing, intrusive government, anti-free speech, immoral foreign policy candidate for whom not to vote. It gets harder all the time.


Alison said...

The "we all belong to the government" quote in the video was chilling.

Forward-Slash_S said...

There is no real choice you see. You either vote for the one least probable to cause the most harm, or you don't participate.

On another note, I really dig those racist "Once you vote black, you never go back. Obama 2012 " buttons. I suspect the "You do right if you vote white" buttons wouldn't be a wise counter in today's 'tolerant' environment.


Aged parent said...

As Dr E Michael Jones of CULTURE WARS has so perfectly stated, the Republicans are the Party of War and Usury and the Democrats are the Party of Sodomy and Abortion.

Some choice.