05 September 2012

First Day of Catechism

My six-year-old daughter ("CB") had her first co-op catechism class today, where the following exchange took place:

Teacher: "What must we do to get to Heaven?"

CB: "Die."


emilyintherealworld said...


But why does she get a normal nickname like "CB" when I get "Fem"?

Long-Skirts said...

Timman said:

"Teacher: "What must we do to get to Heaven?"

CB: "Die.""

I LOVE it!!! Once when our children were much younger we were saying the Rosary in the car and taking turns leading each Mystery/decade. I heard one of the boys ask his brother, "What's the next Mystery? My turns coming up."

His brother answered, "The Crucifixion."

There was a pause and our son, 6 at the time asked..."Of Who?!!"

thetimman said...


Beats Flem, I'd say.

Delena said...

And that's why we'll allow her to marry our son.

She DOES remember him...right?


Sharon said...

Of course she remembers him!

Alison said...

How sweet!