23 October 2012

In the Words of St. Therese

I saw this lovely and helpful quote from St. Therese on the Saint Louis Crusade site, and thought I'd post it here:

We should never allow kindness to degenerate into weakness. When we have scolded someone with just reason, we must leave the matter there, without allowing ourselves to be touched to the point of tormenting ourselves for having caused pain or at seeing one suffer and cry. To run after the afflicted one to console her does more harm than good. Leaving her to herself forces her to have recourse to God in order to see her faults and humble herself. Otherwise, accustomed to receiving consolation after a merited reprimand, she will always act, in the same circumstances, like a spoiled child, stamping her feet and crying until her mother comes to dry her tears.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Her Last Conversations

(Washington, D.C. Institute of Carmelite Studies, 1977)


Hootiecootie said...


Thank you Timman.

I have read this quote many times before but it always holds true.

LMG said...

I don't remember reading that quote before. Thanks for posting it. Next time my little girl cries from a reprimand, I won't feel so guilty in letting her be. The joys of parenting! : D

Karen said...

This comes at such an opportune time. My brother sent me one of those emails that go round containing a rather pornographic picture. I was shocked! He had sent it to my husband also and other male family members so I figured I got on the list by mistake. But it riled me and I sent him a reply that roundly blasted him for passing on such filth. (Also, it arrived in my inbox on our 34th anniversary). He has a daughter the age of the girl in the picture and I told him that a good father and husband should be sickened and saddened by such things. He eventually replied and apologized all over himself and I was tempted to apologize for coming down on him so hard but something kept me from doing so. I now see that I was right in not consoling him in his regret. Thank you for this. Mother Mary, save us!