07 November 2012

A Must-Read on the Election's Consequences

This is the full article by Michael Matt at the Remnant from which I excerpted in my last post.  I reprint it here gratefully, as I couldn't say it any better and I agree with it as close to 100% as I could, considering that they are someone else's words.


Obama Wins:
 A Chance for Us to Become Free Again

Michael J. Matt       
Editor, The Remnant  

Tough to swallow, isn’t it!  But did we really think we could somehow vote our way out of this—what, with homosexual "marriage" the law of the land and the slain bodies of millions of aborted babies clogging the sewers of American cities and consciences alike?  All that was needed in order for us to be redeemed was another silly election? Please! Ideas have consequences—and so do crimes of infanticide and the other sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

Barack Obama is not the problem. We are!  Abortion is. Public schools are. A rotting pop culture is. Modernism in the Catholic Church is. Divorce and homosexual "marriage" are. Obama has been reelected simply because America, like any nation, will always only get the leaders she deserves.  We told God to go to hell a long time ago, and God is now allowing us to see what life is like without Him.  So lead on, Mr. Obama!  Thou shouldst not have any power against us, unless it were given thee from above. Therefore, he that hath delivered us to thee, hath the greater sin.

We are Christians, and our help is in the name of the Lord—not electoral politics. So, let's keep this in perspective.  Out of fear and sheer desperation, most of us threw our hats in the ring for a Mormon, big government backing, sometimes pro-life, moderately pro-gay rights candidate who is conservative only by comparison.  Even by John F. Kennedy's standards, Mitt Romney, though no doubt well meaning, is a rabid liberal.

In other words, the GOP bet the pot on a moderate conservative, again...and lost big.  They took our votes for granted, again, by downplaying the rather quaint social issues in favor of the ever-sophisticated pocketbook issues. Once again, it didn’t pay off for them.  So perhaps they will have learned their lesson the next time around...if, in fact, there is a next time after the insufferable McCain and Mormon Romney fiascoes.

But there is a silver lining in all of this for those willing to see it. Decent folks are obviously fed up with the charade and will thus finally be absolutely united against an evil that would have remained entrenched inside the Beltway no matter who won this election. Conservative Catholics, traditional Catholics, pro-family Protestants, pro-lifers, pro-homeschooling advocates will all be solidly united against the White House for the next four years—and this is always a good thing.

America's slide into total hedonism may well have been checked with the 53  percent having come to realize the full extent of our national illness. This election has made it abundantly obvious to millions that vast numbers of their compatriots have simply lost any semblance of their God-given moral equilibrium--a sobering fact that will cause them to realize they're standing in knee-deep water that is rapidly rising and that it's time for them to seek higher ground.  In other words, the party is over, and half the country is staring into the eyes of the beast.

This is a golden opportunity for us, then—not to accuse Obama for being a closet Muslim or whatever else—but rather to encourage all Americans to come out of their respective closets and to become Christian again. The human element of the Catholic Church has an eleventh-hour opportunity to abandon the Modernism that has plagued the Church for too long, before the Church in America is crushed beneath the heels of militant atheists. Moderate, jovial, doctrine-phobic bishops lost big tonight. Cardinal Dolan, Governor Chris Christie—what’s the difference! Who cares! Millions have had enough!

An awakening took place tonight, and it means that faithful, traditionalist, God-fearing Americans can finally begin to move towards authentic restoration of everything that matters most in this life—that which Americans once held sacred, good, honorable and noble because it is based on love of God, His law, Christian culture, tradition and the family. I'm not destroyed by the election results.  Rather, I feel as though we've finally hit bottom, and there's no place to go from here but up.

After all, it's not as if all things were exactly rosy back in the winning days of the GOP.  Who could forget the Stalin-esque Patriot Act, for example.  Or Donald Rumsfeld’s salivating at “shock and awe” over Baghdad.   How about that precedent-setting moment when "conservative" Secretary of State Condi Rice swore in homosexual Mark Dybul as President Bush’s Global AIDS Coordinator, while First Lady Laura Bush looked on approvingly, along with Dybul’s gay partner, Jason?   And what those pro-abortion First Ladies, you remember them—Nancy, Barbara and Laura?  Did you ever really buy that?  And Congressman Mark Foley, remember that “conservative” and his penchant for pages? And was GOP “conservative” Arnold Schwarzenegger "one of ours" when he was conducting homosexual marriages inside the governor’s mansion in California?

Who can forget the pain of division that set in between family members and other pro-lifers who sincerely believed we were all obligated before God to go along with every dingbat initiative out of the White House because our president said he was "prolife" and doing God’s holy work.  We're not divided like that any more. Obama and the GOP have inadvertently teamed up to accomplish the impossible: They've managed to galvanize the pro-family, pro-life and pro-Christ forces into a strong and united front of total opposition against the Christophoic revolution here in America and across the world.

Indeed, God is good!

Again, let us not lose perspective.  In many ways, Mitt Romney would have taken us back to the good old days, which, let’s face it, weren’t all that great.

Yes, tonight the champions of outright atheism, abortion, and the destruction of the family narrowly won reelection; but they didn't win a mandate and they will certainly be met with considerable resistance from here on.  Millions will now unite against their Godless agenda, promising gigantic gridlock which may well prove to be the last, best hope for America and for us all.

So, did we lose? Did we even have a horse in this race?  I don’t know...probably not. I think most of us were just making the best of a desperate situation by attempting to buy some time and praying America would wake up in the meantime. But if waking America from her slumber was the objective, then that mission was accomplished the moment Ohio was declared for Barak Obama.

For the next four years at least, millions of Americans will stand fast against the Godless polices of Washington, D.C.—policies which, again, let’s face it, on the issues that matter most to the soul of our country and the future of our children would have changed only minimally had the well-meaning Mormon been victorious and the so-called Christian right been cajoled into peaceful coexistence with the forces of hell itself.

So, to recap: We lost a race in which we really didn’t have a pony.  And, as a result of that "defeat", millions of Americans had their blinders removed in an instant on November 6, 2012.  They now know exactly where they stand. The slumbering Christian giant in America has finally roused himself from his utopian dreams.

Obama represents our chastisement, perhaps, but certainly not our conqueror. His victory may well lead to our redemption, in fact, both as Catholics and as Americans.  Four more years of Obama may mean that America will have to suffer, but perhaps she will also begin to find her soul again… and her knees. Then Americans will have a chance to be truly free--something they haven't known for many, many decades.

God writes straight with crooked lines, and if America is to be humbled and brought to her knees then perhaps she will also be redeemed in the process. For this we hope and pray, even as we vow to fight against the reelected regime and never so surrender the old Faith of our Fathers—come what may.

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Rev. 18:4


Karen said...

Hope you don't mind that I posted this article on FB and have just been unfriended by almost my entire family, children included. But, whereas, last night and early this morning I was utterly decimated and feeling utterly hopeless (not that I was so disappointed at the Romney loss but at the Obama win), this article has lifted me up more than I thought possible. Thank you so much, Timman, for posting this. I really needed to hear this. Praise be to God no matter what comes. He does indeed write straight with crooked lines.

TradDadof4 said...

A lot of good stuff from Michael, here. But I have a bone to pick ith this:

"But if waking America from her slumber was the objective, then that mission was accomplished the moment Ohio was declared for Barak Obama."

If by this he means that there is going to be some kind of new flurry of political activity, this time getting behind the "right" ideas instead of the wrong ideas ... fuggedaboutit! Like "Now we're REALLY mad, no foolin' around". (-:

I think many of us who were hoping for a Romney victory were hoping for a brief respite in the long inevitable march to cultural ruin ... so we could just catch our breath. But it was not in God's plan.

Only a complete dissociation from what Dorothy Day called "this filthy rotten system" will do. This means ... the Big Hunker. Getting back to our churches, schools, families and most importantly our rosaries. Converting 51% of Americans to traditional Catholicism is the only thing that will help.

I have been a-hunkering for 12 years now, gradually detaching from politics. I got a little too caught up in it this year. Next election, I hope to be so busy evangelizing that I dont even know who's running.

thetimman said...

Thanks, Karen, I'll friend you if you ask.


I dig the term "the Big Hunker." Who knows, I might start using it. Credit you, of course!

Long-Skirts said...

TradDadof4 said:

"Getting back to our churches...and most importantly our rosaries."


The present profound
To thee...
The sacred Mass eternally.

No money, car
House or thing
Will ever make
Your soul quite sing

The way it does
If rich or poor
Makes sinners saints
A holy lure

Will take your tears
You shed in pain
And turn all loss
Into your gain.

Where heavy hearts
They go to pray
At dawn's first light
At break of day.

Where miracles
That never die
Will lighten hearts
So they can fly

Out in the world
But never of...
Candle light
And rock salt love.

The sacred Mass
Toward rising sun
And sun she scolds...
"He rose, you've won!"

dulac90 said...

It's posts like the last few, and comments from readers like these three that make all the work you put into this blog worth it. Where else would I find such consolation and hope?

Anonymous said...

Certainly the outcome of the election is disappointing, but Mr. Matt’s article, like much of the election post-mortem, focuses on how other people need to change to produce our desired outcome. “Mitt Romney should have been more conservative”, based on the dubious notion that enough additional conservatives would have shown up to the polls to make up for all of the moderate Republicans, independents, and cross-over Democrats that would have been lost. “The GOP should have nominated someone like Ron Paul”, assuming Congressman Paul would have won 51% of the vote, rather than the much more likely scenario of him losing by a larger margin. “The bishops failed to teach”, as if the bishops’ statements, or lack thereof, influence peoples’ faith lives more than the totality of their 24/7 interactions with family, friends, co-workers, fellow parishioners, and the culture. (As an aside, given all the criticism Cardinal Dolan has drawn over inviting – not bestowing an award on, simply inviting – President Obama to a dinner to make money for charity, I have to wonder what the reaction would have been back in the day to Jesus accepting a dinner invitation from the Pharisees.)

There is a group of people who has far more access to all those co-workers, friends, etc. who are in various states of affiliation or dis-affiliation with the Church, and that would be…us. Of the numerous converts I’ve read about or talked with, I struggle to recall one saying he/she joined the Church because of something the bishop said, but there are oodles who have joined because of a calm, substantive conversation with a Catholic friend.

Not being a reader of “The Remnant”, I could be utterly wrong, but I suspect it suffers from the same problem that many other Church outreaches do, and that is being more of an in-reach than an outreach. Preaching to the choir is fine, if it includes some helpful hints on how choir members can constructively engage people outside the choir, even people who hate singing. Instead, though, Mr. Matt’s article seems to be more of a litany of the real and perceived flaws of the choir director.

Yes, political candidates need to be principled. Yes, parties should seek to develop and reinforce such candidates. Yes, the very reason bishops exist is to teach. My point is that we live in a society that is increasingly willing to trade its principles for promises of financial security and the placebo of self-indulgence, and the most stolid candidate or outspoken bishop can only do so much – really, a relatively small amount – about that. We are the ones that are knee-deep in the culture, with the most access to it, and exhausting the question “How did we get here?” is a recipe for staying here. The question “What are we, personally, going to do about it?” is the one that will let us move – to borrow a certain successful candidate’s phrase – “forward”.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

P. S. I’m sorry this post is so heavy on the snark – I just think focusing on the things under our control (by the blessing and permission of the Almighty) is a good way to start turning our societal momentum in a healthier direction.

X said...

This man is utterly, and most likely hopelessly, deluded. He's a man still in love with a lie, with many lies to be precise but they can all be summed up in that greatest of modern lies America. If you dare not think the truth you cannot know the truth, if you cannot know the truth you cannot accept the truth, if you cannot accept the truth you cannot accept Christ.

thetimman said...

Dulac90, thanks. Very nice of you to say.

Bryan, I appreciate your comments here and on other posts. I don't have the same serene outlook on many things you do, which is why you comment, no doubt. But specifically here, to borrow your analogy, consider that a beautiful choir inspires people outside it to want to sing, or at least to learn and appreciate good music. But if the choir director never shows for practices, and 80% of the members are absentee, or are gargling with sulphuric acid, that choir will not do the job. So, yes, I think there needs to be a great deal of "in-reach" with our choir. That doesn't negate anything you said , and you make a valid point. But in my opinion it seems pretty obvious we have an all hands on deck situation here.

X, your take on the reality of the situation is one that I find likely. And yet, one must never despair and one must never cease to work for something better. I don't see Matt as Pollyanna here by saying that we need to oppose the policies of a murderous government, regardless of the persons who really make the decisions. Yes?

X said...

No… as usual. Seeing things as they really are is not to despair, quite the opposite. Tilting at windmills on the other hand in order to avoid facing the truth is a form of despair and condemning those who have the courage to discern the difference is despicable. Michael Matt has been guilty of both. The system is not broken, the system is working exactly as it was intended to work. Therefore you cannot change the system by working within the system. You can only kick over the entire rotten game board and clean house. But first the scales must fall from your eyes.

Athelstane said...

Bryan's right: Perhaps a quarter of the country could be reasonably said to be social conservatives, tops. And that's being generous. The percentage is obviously higher in some regions and lower in others.

The Culture War was lost sometime in the late 60's, mainly because those in charge surrendered without a fight. And that includes many of our bishops, by the way. Gay marriage was inevitable once contraception and no fault divorce were accepted.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the notion that it's our culture that is spiritually sick; all of today's woes are not due to Obama. Yet, I do not let Obama off the hook at all. Leadership means "to lead." Many people are sheep who just fall into line with what they think they're supposed to do or what "everyone else is doing" as the cliche goes. Leadership roles can be used to move the people significantly in certain directions, otherwise we wouldn't put any energy at all into choosing leaders. We are a sinful, sick, unwholesome people with or without the right president, but Leader Obama approves and continues to lead our country into this mire of sin (and Romney would have done otherwise on several significant issues). It is indeed Obama's fault. RevFrK